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Lucullus 2018: A Hvar Vegan and Gluten-Free Success Story

By 19 July 2018

One of the more innovative introductions to the Hvar dining scene this summer has been at Lucullus, where former owner Stipe is once more running the restaurant after a break of a couple of years. 

Lucullus, the 2018 edition, has undergone something of a transformation, with the new menu catering to a much-needed area where Hvar has been poor in its offer - vegan and gluten-free dishes. As we previously reported, Lucullus this year has no less than 7 vegan and 20 gluten-free dishes (you can learn a lot more here, with photos), and judging by the 3-4 emails of thanks I received in my inbox for that article, I was guessing that things were going well. 

I just checked TripAdvisor to see the vibe was, and it was pleasant to see that while Lucullus is not at the top of the TripAdvisor rakings (it has had several owners over the last few years), the 2018 edition has only five stars. There was even a review from a satisfied guest who commented that Stipe held a crying baby to allow the parents to eat, and the child calmed down immediately. Now that is good hospitality!

But what is the feedback on the new vegan options, a relative rarity in Croatia?

Fantastic Vegan Options, Excellent Service
Visited based on another review and so glad we did. Exceeded all expectations with superb food. Very well prepared and nicely presented. Flavors were exceptional. Veg burger very good (but a little too soft), gazpacho exceptional, falafel exceptional, hummus exceptional. The service was the best we’ve experienced in Croatia!

My wife and I are pescatarians and there was no problems and lots of options as well as vegan and meat options for everyone else! The food was absolutely delicious and so creative and beautifully plated. The service was personal and excellent.

Incredible flavours, widest range of vegan food in Hvar but there's also a nice non-vegan choice, definitely recommend.

Amazing vegan dinner
Came to eat dinner with friends and was pleasantly surprised to find a diverse offer of vegan dishes along with usual meat and fish meals. Everything was delicious, especially chocolate and cherry mousse as a dessert which blew our mind! We hope to pass by Hvar town and eat at this amazing place again :)

Want to check out Lucullus yourself, located in the small street adjacent to the main square as you head to the fortress? Follow Lucullus on Facebook here