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Hanibal Returns to Hvar Town with a Lively and Flexible Menu

By 19 July 2018

Living in Varazdin these days, I don't get to visit Hvar Town very often, and I am always amazed by the fast pace of change when I do go. There is a great energy in the town, and things are constantly evolving. So many new restaurants are opening, and there is a real diversity in the choice of cuisine which did not exist ten, even five years ago. 

I made my first visit of 2018 last week and, walking through the main square, I came across a rather familiar name - Hanibal. When I first came to Hvar, Hanibal was one of the iconic restaurants in the town, before being closed for several years and then undergoing new ownership. Next door to it, an excellent Asian restaurant called Splce (loved the red Thai curry) - the cycle of change in a tourist town. 


I have always liked dining in the restaurants on the square. It is like being in a theatre, people watching in the largest square in all Dalmatia, at an impressive 4,500m2, listening to the occasional chimes of Hvar's impressive cathedral, which lies just metres away. There is plenty of shade from the awnings and it is a great place to chill. 


The new Hanibal is completely different to the one of the past, and it has one of the most ambitious menus I have seen on Hvar - truly something for everyone. The Tuna Tataki caught my eye - Pan seared sashimi grade tuna with a refreshing salsa verde sauce, sweet chilli and finish off with sesame seeds.


Fine details with every dish. 


Hanibal offers a range of pretty much everything - gourmet burgers, pizza from a wood-fired oven, pasta, steaks, Hvar's famous seafood. 


The burgers in particular are receiving rave reviews on social media. There are seven in all to choose from, with the Hanibal burger containing beef, chicken, sausage, sauce, gorgonzola,  pancetta, cooking cream and onion rings in a homemade bun. Quite a challenge.


The homemade pizzas are also proving popular. 


Taking on such a wide-ranging menu comes with its risks, but if the comments on TripAdvisor are anything to go by, it is working. Mostly five-star reviews raving about a variety of things - it is the pizzas, no the burgers, the steaks are great, you must try the mussels...


If you want to try a dessert that is very local, don't miss the lavender cake, but I could just look at this mint ice cream all day. Gorgeous. 

Check out more dishes below from the new Hanibal, which opened a couple of months ago. For more information, and for a reservation, follow Hanibal on Facebook