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Shark or Dolphin: What scared people off Banje Beach yesterday?

While it was most likely a young dolphin, swimmers are still feeling a bit insecure about going in the water...

An interesting, unprecedented and still unexplained event took place yesterday at Dubrovnik's famous Banje Beach (formerly East West beach) - a meeting with a marine creature that still has not revealed its identity. Was the creature a shark or dolphin? Nobody is entirely sure.

As DuList reported on the 18th of June, 2017, a witness spoke about the experience:

''I entered the sea at about 16:30 with the intent of having a swim and saw a group of men panicking, since I didn't see what was going on, I asked them if it was some kind of bigger fish or something. They didn't know if it was a dolphin or a shark.''

Some employees of the popular beach took to their kayaks to investigate what the creature was and what it was doing, but the search came up empty. The witness stated that ''nobody except a few strange people would be going any further than knee deep in the sea that afternoon.''

Regardless of whether or not the creature was a shark or a dolphin, neither should promote an unneccessary level of panic, nor should the testimony be taken as sensationalism. It was most likely a dolphin. That being said, both animals are known to cruise the Adriatic quite harmlessly and while dolphins are indeed friendly, sharks do not tend to go out of their way to seek out contact with humans, or to threaten them.