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Celebration of 50 Years of KUD Cilipi!

Cilipi is unfortunately best known nowadays for being the namesake of Dubrovnik Airport, but there is so much more to this tiny Konavle settlement than meets the eye!

Just south of Dubrovnik, nestled in the rolling, pine covered hills of Konavle lies the tiny settlement of Cilipi, the namesake of Dubrovnik Airport and an increasingly popular visiting point for those interested in traditional Dalmatian culture typical to the wider Dubrovnik area and Dubrovnik-Neretva County. 

Most Sundays, Cilipi is populated by many tourists visiting from nearby Dubrovnik to witness some of the historical folklore traditions of the Konavle region, and it is not unusual to see women dashing around in typical, traditional dress. 

On June the 15th, 2017, the Cultural Artistic Society of Cilipi (KUD/Kulturno umjetnicko drustvo Cilipi) is set to celebrate 50 years of performances, the celebration will take place at 10:00 in front of the church in the centre of Cilipi. Musicians, singers and dancers of all generations will be present, all have whom have performed within the past 50 years. DuList reports that more than 100 Konavle inhabitants will be present in their traditional costumes. 

Celebrations will precede the Holy Mass and the traditional procession, during which children will plant flowers.