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PHOTOS: Miso Baricevic's Artistic Success at House of Marin Drzic

One could talk about the House of Marin Drzic for a long time with success after success in honour of the greatest Croatian playwright of all time.

With each new painting of the endlessly talented Dubrovnik painter Miso Baricevic, two features are linked: the first is that the art and the artist can always be easily recognisable owing to a truly unique style, and the second is that Baricevic always manages to bring something new out in his art. The works presented at the House of Marin Drzic were no different.

The exhibition involved art historian Andrea Batinovic Ivankovic and was opened by the tirelessly creative director of the museum, Niksa Matic, while an accompanying, well known monologue from one of the unforgettable works by Drzic was read by the actor Edi Jertec.