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Bungee Jumping Returns to Dubrovnik!

Love taking things to the next level, quite literally? Dubrovnik is the place for you...

Izazov (Challenge) Tours are an energetic team of people who have decided that after the Maslenica bridge, they'd bring bungee jumping to Dubrovnik - from Franjo Tudjman bridge!

Although bungee jumping used to be a popular experience for many tourists in Dubrovnik, it has ceased to exist for a number of years.

An experienced team with more than eleven years of priceless experience will lead the way, along with detailed preparation, checks and everything you can imagine that goes alongside such an experience. Bungee jumping in Dubrovnik with Izazov Tours is open to everyone from 11:00am onwards. If you're ready and willing to jump from a height of 53 metres from the city's Franjo Tudjman bridge near the ACI marina and the main port, contact the team here.