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Jug in Semi-Finals Against Olympiakos

The Final Six is set to take place in Budapest, Hungary, from the 25th to the 27th of May, 2017 in which Jug will compete against the famed Greek team, Olympiakos.

Luksa Jakobusic, the President of the club reviewed the season with absolute positivity, stating that after last year's most celebrated season of the club, this year the series has continued.

''We have won eight titles in a row, five in the past season, and three in this; first the Croatian Cup, then the Regional League, and a few days ago, the Croatian Championship'' said Jakobusic.

Vjekoslav Kobesdak, the team's coach stated that having won in three games previously, the team has had plenty of time to relax and prepare ''both physically and mentally'' for the Final Six, which is set to be the strongest tournament in the history of this competition. Each of the six teams have their chance to win the title.

Kobesdak showed his admiration for Olympiakos, referring to them as a great team who have dominated throughout the entire season, before openly stating that Jug has a very difficult match waiting for it, and that there are still a couple of days left to dedicate to final preparations and analysis.

Good luck, Jug!