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International Day of Museums: Dubrovnik Art Gallery

Dubrovnik's Art Gallery will mark this years' International Museum Day, beginning at 18:00.

Beginning at 18:00 this evening, the International Day of Museums will be marked in Dubrovnik with professional curatorship through the permanent exhibition of the Dubrovnik Art Gallery in English language, followed by professional curatorship in Croatian language at 19:00, reports DuList on the 18th of May, 2017.

For those who want to find out more about Banac Palace, dr. sc. Antun Bace will host a very interesting lecture entitled "Banac Palace on Ploče in the context of Dubrovnik's architecture between the two world wars" which will begin at 20:00. The bulding (now Dubrovnik's Art Gallery) was completed in the year 1939 according to the projects of Lavoslav Horvat and Harold Bilinic, it is considered by all to be one of the most significant architectural achievements of the city in the period between two wars.

In order to try to explain its significance and its ambivalent attitude towards contemporaryity and heritage, the circumstances of its emergence need to be set out and worked through in a broader context. Along with basic information on local political and social circumstances, the presentation will offer listeners an insight into the peculiarities of urban development and construction, as well as give a brief overview of the architectural creation of that time period in Dubrovnik itself. Finally, it will try to cover all aspects relevant to the emergence of such a palace, shaped so deeply by and rooted into local traditions.

Entrance to all visitors will be free, and in addition to the prepared program, visitors can also visit the current exhibitions at the gallery, including that of the renowned Croatian artist Tomislav Buntak entitled "Human Garden of Mercy", and in the Dulcic-Masle-Pulitika gallery; the exhibition of Iris Lobas Kukavicic, under the title of "Ten Encounters". Also, at every location at a discount of 50%, you can buy all the publications of the Dubrovnik Art Gallery.