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Grab Your Mobile Phone and Win 10 Years of Free Hotel Stays at Marvie!

June 27, 2022 - This summer, guests at Marvie Hotel & Health can win an incredible prize by filming and promoting the natural, cultural, and historical beauties of Dalmatia. 

This year, Marvie Hotel & Health in Split has decided to relaunch “Reel Story of Croatia” - its contest of the decade, and just like last summer, its guests have the chance to win an incredible ten years of hotel stays for two people! 

This intriguing prize includes 3 free nights at Marvie Hotel with breakfast for two, each year from 2023 to 2032! From June 1st to September 30th, all guests who spend at least one night at this hotel with the most beautiful panoramic rooftop pool in Split can participate in this exciting contest and win a decade of hotel stays in a Superior Room overlooking the islands. 


Hotel guests become ambassadors of Dalmatia's beauties 

Hotel Marvie has created this contest exclusively for its guests with the aim of promoting the beauties of the Croatian coast and its inland region. The task is simple: aim to capture the most beautiful moments of your vacation in Croatia via Instagram, i.e. via Reel videos - and just like last summer, the best clip, selected by the Hotel Management team, will win a decade of stays in a sea-view Superior room overlooking the islands. Last year's extremely successful contest involved many hotel guests and over 50 Reel videos generated more than 150,000 views from Instagram users all around the world. 


Last year’s winner was London-based Patrick Whelan 

Last year, the Marvie Hotel Management team had the difficult task of selecting a winner among many great videos, and in the end, Patrick Whelan from Britain collected his decade of hotel stays with his creative Reel. 


The lucky Englishman received the official confirmation at his home address in London. The winning video in which he shared his hotel and destination experience in Split in just 30 seconds can be viewed below. 

Although this was not the original plan, Marvie also decided to give out a second prize to guest Aine Webster for her Reel. Aine was awarded 3 free nights in 2022! 

What can we expect this year? 

"This year we expect even more views and Reels of our beautiful Dalmatia," says Marvie Hotel & Health GM Diana Rubić. 

Diana reveals that the guests' response last year exceeded their expectations and that they also fell in love with Dalmatia again while viewing the scenes of natural and cultural beauties recorded for the Reels.

“We are aware that most of our guests come to Marvie because of the beauty that our nature, history, and culture offer them. With this contest, our goal is to say thank you to every guest who has chosen our hotel and the city of Split as their summer home and give them the opportunity to stay with us for the next 10 years," added GM Rubić.

So, how to win 10 years of stays at Marvie? 

You already have and use everything you need to participate in this contest. The #reelstoryofcroatia contest takes place entirely on Instagram! Just grab your smartphone and be creative. To participate, record a Reels or Instagram video post which describes your holiday experience in Dalmatia in an inspiring, honest, and authentic way, then publish it via your public profile with the hashtags #reelstoryofcroatia and #marviehotel. In addition, make sure you follow Marvie Hotel & Health’s Instagram profile

Which moments you will choose to capture is entirely up to you - for inspiration, feel free to check out Marvie’s compilation of last year’s entries here

The contest lasts from June 1st to September 30th, 2022, and only hotel guests who spend a minimum of one night in the specified period can participate. The winner will be selected by the expert jury of Marvie Hotel, on October 10th, 2022. You can find more about the contest on Marvie Hotel & Health’s website.

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Monday, 27 June 2022

Electric Boats Transporting Visitors at Krka National Park

June the 27th, 2022 - Krka National Park is now richer for electric boats which will work to transport passengers who are visiting this wildly popular national park along the Krka river.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/PD i VL native tim writes, a DNV GL study shows how changes in the use of different marine vessels can contribute to achieving CO2 reduction targets. This will require the use of zero-emission options, such as electricity and biofuels.

Croatia's much loved Krka National Park is heading in this direction and has been constantly working to reduce any pollution produced there. In addition to the Krka National Park administration presenting a new ordinance according to which swimming is prohibited in almost the entire area of ​​the park, at the beginning of last year, they also ordered two hybrid electric boats. This is another step towards sustainability. The capacity of the ships is 50 people, and the vessels are equipped with quality solar PV panels and batteries.

Everything actually works in a fairly simple way with these vessels, when the sun is shining, the solar cells power the drive, and when the sun disappears - the drive is powered by a battery. This means that working conditions will be met at any time of the year regardless of the amount of sunshine hours in the day. Krka National Park's new electric boats operate reliably without producing any emissions, and can withstand a cycle of 8 hours when using the battery and 12 hours when using the energy obtained through the solar panels. The service speed is 5 knots and the maximum is 9 knots.

The boats were ordered with Danfoss technology, whose employees listened carefully to all of the wishes expressed and solved the technical challenges they faced on the way throughout the process, from desire to final realisation. As explained by Danfoss, the technical challenge with these electric boats was to achieve proper functioning between the solar PV panels and the battery within the powertrain system. Nevertheless, they managed to design and deliver the ideal solution in the end.

In doing so, they took into account the understanding of the needs of the ordered ships and the ability to handle advanced technology.

They also cooperated with the system integrator Inmel, providing all the necessary hardware and software for the green hybrid solution, and the ships were built at the Dalmont shipyard in Kraljevica.

A kind of precedent was set with the vessels, ans as such, for the first time, the MPPT software upgrade was transferred to the DC / DC software with the support of the system integrator and successfully tested. They provided maximum power point detection (MPPT) software implemented in DC / DC software. Such cooperation between Danfoss and Inmel enabled higher voltage on the solar panels, using only the highest voltage point, resulting in more energy on a common DC bus.

Krka National Park has thus shown that choosing the right partners is one of the most important moments in achieving sustainability goals.

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A Short Guide to Croatian Public Services and Institutions

June 27, 2022 - You see them on the street, you see them on your bills, and you hear them on the phone. Who is who among the Croatian public services and institutions? We'll tell you more in this short guide.

If moving to Croatia is one of your short-term projects, or even if you're already in the process of adaptation, you may have heard of or been in contact with one of these institutions. These Croatian public services and institutions will be part of your daily life here, and it is true that sometimes it can be a bit confusing trying to distinguish them from each other.

In this short guide, we've listed some of the Croatian public services and institutions that you will be in contact with most often, and we hope that this will help you when you don't know where to go for a certain task, or when it's time to do your accounts at home.


If you're working on getting your residency or citizenship in Croatia, you have most likely gone to a local MUP office. It's also likely that they've called you on the phone or have written you an email or two. MUP is the Ministry of the Interior, and it provides services to both locals and foreigners alike. At MUP, you will also carry out procedures to obtain your passport, your driver's license, your Croatian identification card, and more.


HZZO is the Croatian Health Insurance Fund, it's part of the Ministry of the Health and it includes everything that is related to public health insurance services in the country. As you well know, public health insurance is mandatory if you reside in Croatia. If you wish to enroll in the Croatian public health system, you must go to the HZZO offices in your city of residence. There you can also find out everything related to your health coverage, sign up with a family doctor, and more.


HZZ is the Croatian Employment Office, and it serves to report your current employment status, whether you've found a job or if you don't currently have one. At the Employment Office, you can also find job openings that match your skills. 


The Croatian Pension Insurance Institute (HZMO) is a public institution that is dedicated to the implementation of mandatory pension insurance based on generational solidarity (1st pillar of the pension insurance) and the child benefit entitlement procedure.

Porezna uprava

Porezna uprava is the Croatian Tax Administration, and it's a unique and independent administrative organisation within the Finance Ministry whose basic task is the application and supervision of tax regulations and laws on the collection of contributions. Most of your bills will be issued by Porezna uprava. They'll also issue you with tax rebates.


FINA, the Financial Agency, is a leading Croatian company in the field of financial and electronic service provision. Although state-owned, Fina operates exclusively on a market basis and cooperates with banks, the Croatian National Bank, numerous business systems, and other similar entities. A multitude of payments can be paid at their offices.

Hrvatska Pošta

Hrvatska Pošta is the Croatian Post Office, and it has locations in every city and town across the country. In addition to being the place where you can send letters and packages throughout the country and even abroad, it's also the place where you can pay for your phone, electricity, water, health insurance, and more.


A state-owned company, HEP is the Croatian Electricity Company and it is the only energy entity authorised to provide a public electricity supply in the Republic of Croatia. It also performs the activities of electricity production and heat production for central heating systems, in addition to the management, maintenance, construction, and development of the electricity distribution network.


Hrvatske autoceste or Croatian Motorways Ltd is a Croatian state-owned limited liability company tasked with the management, construction, and maintenance of motorways in Croatia.


Croatian Radio and Television (HRT) performs the activity of providing public broadcasting services. On their radio and television channels, they dedicate themselves to the dissemination of news, information, culture and other related content. Even if you don't watch their channels or listen to their radio stations, a bill of 80 kuna from HRT will always arrive at your home.

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Monday, 27 June 2022

Borna Ćorić Withdraws from Wimbledon, Marin Čilić Only Croatian Male in Singles Tournament

June 27, 2022 - Borna Ćorić will miss this year's Wimbledon tournament due to a shoulder injury. The Croatian tennis player was meant to face Diego Schwartzman in the first round. 

Croatian tennis player Borna Ćorić will miss this year's Wimbledon, where the draw in the first round awarded him the 15th tennis player in the world, Argentine Diego Schwartzman. Ćorić, however, has cited a shoulder injury as the reason for this decision, reports

Ćorić will be replaced by the "lucky loser" from the qualifications in the main draw.

Thus,  the only Croatian representative in the Wimbledon singles tennis competition will be Marin Čilić, who is set as the 14th seed in the tournament. On Tuesday, he will face American Mackenzie McDonald in the first round.

At a press conference in Zagreb, Borna Ćorić indirectly announced the possibility of withdrawing from Wimbledon, given that he played five matches in six days last week and won the ATP Challenger in Italy on clay.

The Croatia national team player took a break for a year due to a shoulder injury that needed surgery. However, as points for the ATP rankings cannot be won at this year's Wimbledon, it is not worth the risk for Ćorić to expose his still not fully recovered shoulder to the efforts of playing three sets because his main mission now is to improve his ranking.

Ćorić currently ranks 203rd in the singles ATP rankings, and he pointed out a spot among the 100 best in the world as his goal, which would guarantee him a direct entry into the main draw at the biggest tournaments in the world. 

The organizers of the Umag Blue Lagoon Croatia Open gave Ćorić an invitation so that he would not have to spend the quota of the remaining tournaments in which he could play with a protected ranking, and he could have his next performance in Umag.

The Umag ATP tournament is scheduled for July 25-31.

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Monday, 27 June 2022

MUP Bogged Down by Croatian Employers Requesting Work Permits for Foreigners

June the 27th, 2022 - Croatian employers are requesting work permits for would-be foreign employees left, right and centre. With demographic issues and difficulties finding qualified local staff continuing to bite, MUP is having trouble getting through the paperwork in time for the height of the summer season.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the ongoing problem of staff shortages escalated for Croatian employers last summer, and this year it has become even more pronounced because there are more guests, this tourist season could be better than that of 2019, and the desire to travel is great, leading some to describe it as being as if the dam has given way.

There is as much labour here on the domestic labour market as there is, and it isn't enough. As such, Croatian employers are continuing to turn to foreign workers from outside the EEA/EU who need work permits, Novi list reports.

Croatian employers say that even the pool often used in neighbouring non-EEA/EU countries such as Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia has been emptied, meaning that more and more workers are being brought in from distant countries like India, Nepal, the Philippines… To work in Croatia legally, non-EU foreigners, of course, need work permits. And there was a big problem with this at MUP last year as well.

People came from abroad and stayed in workers' accommodation units for weeks, until they got their work permits and began work. The tourism sector asked last year for MUP to speed up the process of issuing work permits, however, in principle the only thing that has changed is that applications can now be submitted online instead of being taken to administrative police stations in person. Despite very small changes, just like in previous years, overworked MUP employees continue to deal with all of these requests manually, one by one.

Robert Palic, an employer in tourism from Crikvenica, who has five catering and hospitality facilities in the very centre, explained what it looks like in practice. He applied for about fifty work permits back in early May and hasn't even received even half to date. However, he says, in the meantime, ten work permits have practically been made pointless because people gave up in the meantime and went and found another job elsewhere.

"There were seven Nepalese nationals among them. I paid the agency through which I can employ these people 10,500 kuna to bring those seven people to Croatia, and then another 4,000 kuna for their work permits. With the proviso that they had to come to New Delhi to the embassy with a work permit to get a visa. When I was told that work permits would be ready, those people headed to New Delhi which is, let's not forget, 550 kilometres away from their homes. They waited there for three days for their work permits to arrive to pick up their visas. However, as those work permits didn't arrive. So of course those people gave up on it,'' Palic explained.

He added that at the administrative police station in Crikvenica he asked if he could return those work permits or get the costs taken away for the paid for the work permits he'd paid for for other workers, because he obviously doesn't need these for Nepalese nationals anymore, but they said that no, he can't.

"I'm losing workers, I'm losing money, and on top of that I have to find a dozen new workers overnight. Until a few days ago, I had all my facilities closed because I can't complete my team, and it's already the middle of June,'' added Palic.

“I understand those two women who have to process all these requests and who are overwhelmed with work, but then things need to be arranged differently, more people need to be hired by MUP, as needed, or the whole story needs to be digitised. After all, the coronavirus pandemic taught us how to deal with everything online. Let them put themselves in my position, the tourist season is here, and there are no people, I can’t do all this and only have three workers. My employees who are already working, can’t do the whole season on their own, it’s unbearable, so I urgently need to find more workers. I need to find them tomorrow, not in a month's time,'' pointed out Palic.

The search for workers did indeed set off on time in Palic's case, but the paperwork issues and MUP's outdated way of handling administrative procedures clearly clouded the plans.

Quotas for foreign workers were abolished, but things are no easier...

When asked by the press about the situation with work permits this year, the Police Administration of Primorje-Gorski Kotar County told us that by Wednesday, June the 5th, the Crikvenica Police Station had received a total of 1,258 applications for residence and work permits for non-EU citizens.

"This number refers not only to seasonal work up to 90 days, but also to the extension of existing permits to one year and the request of the CES application, which includes seasonal work up to six months and so-called ''new employment'' for a period of one year. As for the number of requests received compared to the same period last year, it has more than doubled,'' they said from MUP.

"Every year, there's a growing problem when it comes to finding quality workers in Serbia, because instead of coming to Croatia, more and more of them are going off to work in Western European countries. So there's a shortage of people in this pool of ours as well. And that's why we will all have to look more and more for workers from more distant countries. As for the Nepalese, the idea was to have a dozen of them this year and then have them return home satisfied because then they'll say how much it pays to come here to work, so I'll be able to count on, let's say, 20 employees from this country. And that gives me some sense of security in a situation when this pool of ours is almost empty,'' said Palic, just one of many Croatian employers facing this huge problem which keeps on escalating each and every year.

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Monday, 27 June 2022

Arriva Travel Looks to Make Croatian Danube River Cruises a Hit

June the 27th, 2022 - One company is making a comeback following a two year coronavirus pandemic-induced break with Danube river cruises, providing a chance for people to see part of Croatia and of Europe that few pay much attention to - a river known as the main artery of this part of the continent.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Mladen Miletic writes, the Danube is known by many as the main artery of Europe, it's the mighty river that both connects and separates. It used to be the border of worlds, and for some it is still to this very day. The Danube is sung about in the Croatian national anthem (Croatian: himna), it's in the title of the most famous Strauss composition and in countless verses sung by the Pannonian sailor Djordje Balasevic, born in Novi Sad, Serbia, on the Danube.

The eternal inspiration of poets, painters and novelists, Italian writer Claudio Magris dedicated a famous novel to this river, following the flow of the Danube to the mouth of the Black Sea, revealing that there are still disputes among towns in southwestern Germany about exactly where the Danube originates.

All of the above is only a small part of the reason why at least once in a lifetime, it's worth embarking on a voyage along the great river that flows through the far east of Croatia, in an area very few people from abroad ever visit or think of. The starting or ending point of the cruise, depending on the choice, is in the port of the Croatian hero city of Vukovar.

The Arriva travel agency has been organising river cruises for years, and following a pandemic-induced break, they're now offering Danube river cruises - the Vukovar-Vienna route, as well as the even more eastern variant of Vukovar-Vidin (an ancient city in northwestern Bulgaria).

''We also offer cruises along the Rhine, but we don't have any realisations for that yet this year. However, the Danube river cruises are more attractive to people precisely because of the departures being from Croatia, where we organise group departures,'' explained Tamara Cerneka, the director of Arriva Travel.

''The specificity of the Danube river cruises and indeed most others is that passengers board at one port and disembark at another, which requires a transfer in one direction. That's why group departures are more attractive. The first group of Danube river cruises organised by Arriva travel started this year on May the 27th, and by mid-June, we'd realised four departures,'' Cerneka added.

Cruises, both those at sea and those along rivers, are still a segment making a more slow and cautious return following the global coronavirus pandemic. Travellers are still unsure and have their eyes fixed on autumn, afraid to book a cruise in advance for fear of new epidemiological measures being introduced as has been the case over the past two years.

Danube river cruises will certainly be a way for visitors to Croatia to spend time in a part of the country which is the bipolar opposite of the likes of Dalmatia with its rugged mountains, intense dry heat and crystal clear waters. It's also wildly different to Kvarner and Istria, known for similar traits. Eastern Croatia, once the breadbasket of the country, heavily wounded during the Homeland War and now shamefully neglected and suffering from a severe demographic crisis, has a lot to boast about when it comes to its natural and cultural charms - this might just be the perfect way to see that.

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Monday, 27 June 2022

Osijek Company Barrage Opening Another Office, Hiring More Employees

June the 27th, 2022 - The Osijek company Barrage is set to open yet another office, this time in Nasice, and employ even more workers. The move being made by this software company will surely help ongoing Eastern Croatian demography issues.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Josipa Ban writes, the Osijek company Barrage, founded a mere six years ago, should open an office in Nasice by September this year, in addition to their exisitng office in the City of Osijek.

This company has been growing both in terms of revenue and number of employees since its establishment. Back in 2016 they started out with 5 million kuna in revenue and ended in 20 million kuna in consolidated revenue, as well as 8 million kuna earned in 2021. They decided open their office in a small Slavonian town of only 14,000 residents because they noticed that this is a city where they have the talent they need.

Plans in Nasice

"Through the Croatian Association of Linux Users (HULK), which has a long tradition, they showed interest in software and we estimated that no other place in the area has the potential we need," explained Luka Striskovic, the director of Legal Affairs and Human Resources within the Osijek company Barrage.

Six engineers have already been employed by the company, and a total of ten should be working there by the end of the year. Work on the landscaping should be completed soon, but with the move of engineers currently working from home, they will wait until the end of summer, ie September.

This company is engaged in a wide range of software activities, which makes them specific here on the domestic market; as they deal with the development of custom software systems, the development of data centers and digital products, and it's a fact that by the end of this year they plan to increase their number of employees from the current 108 to 150.

The increase in the number of workers should come as no surprise given the number of projects the Osijek company Barrage is currently working on and developing, especially given the fact that this is a company that generates 99 percent of its revenue on foreign markets.

One of the projects is the development of the digital product Travelspot for business travel management. The other is Roango, a platform specialising in hiring professionals in the ICT sector. Both of these platforms were created during the coronavirus crisis and during lockdown, in response to the problems they themselves faced.

While they predict that this year, Barrage's business results will be better than last year’s, they're still looking at 2023 with a healthy dose of caution.

A less than certain 2023...

“We need to be moderately optimistic because the current phase of financial planning comes down more to prophecies than it does to stable planning. Looking at the global economy, there's definitely a difficult time ahead of us,'' pointed out the director of legal affairs and human resources of the company, whose philosophy is that healthy local patriotism can result in something big.

"We believe that a lot can be done here in Slavonia. In many areas, such as industry and agriculture, Slavonia has been struggling for years. We're ready to change all that by enabling people to get a job here at home and not have to head elsewhere,'' concluded Striskovic, noting that their upcoming office in Nasice is the first step towards that.

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Monday, 27 June 2022

Croatia Beach Handball Team Wins 2022 World Championships in Greece!

June 27, 2022 - After the Croatia junior beach handball team brought home the gold medal just one week ago, the senior Croatia beach handball team recorded their third world title and 30th medal total after winning the 2022 Men's Beach Handball World Championships in Greece!

The Croatia men's senior beach handball team took home the title at the World Championships in Heraklion on Sunday! 

In the final match, Croatia was better than Denmark 2-0 (24-22, 21-18) in sets and thus secured their third world title and the 30th medal for Croatia beach handball.

After six days of competition and nine wins in nine games, Lucian Bura was named the best right-winger and the best scorer of the championship.

This year's World Championships final was a replay of last year's final at the European Championships, but this time with a happy ending and Croatia's victory.

Denmark tried to catch up and get closer to Croatia to bring the game to a penalty shootout, but they could not threaten the extremely collected Croatia throughout the tournament.

"The final match, the only match in which you have nothing to lose, and you can only win. Against Denmark, it was exactly as we imagined, challenging and on one ball. 

This time it turned out that we reacted excellently. They respected our agreements, and we responded skillfully defensively, especially Valentino and Jurić, who agreed and made it easier for our goalkeeper in the defense.

This is our third title, something we always strive for. I always have the feeling that gold is coming home, and we had that feeling throughout the tournament. And all credit to the boys for a great game," pointed out Croatia's coach Mladen Paradžik.

"A tough match, a match decided by details, literally small misses. In the first set, we missed a lot - maybe two, three shots, maybe one more for them, and we played maybe a better defense, which brought us victory.

We were both nervous in the second set, and it was clear that it was the final, but the last couple of defenses were great; Domi picked up something and, in the end, I think, a well-deserved victory.

Of course, it is a great success, especially after the junior national team also won the title a few weeks ago. An excellent three weeks in Greece for Croatia handball," commented Nikola Finek, a Croatia national team member who recorded an outstanding performance at the World Championships. 

Croatia's new world champions in beach handball:


Congratulations to the players and coaching staff on this exceptional achievement!

Source: HRS

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Monday, 27 June 2022

Split to Have Mayoral Runoff between Last Mayor and HDZ Candidate

ZAGREB, 27 June 2022 - Ivica Puljak, who was short 1.3 percentage points for the victory in the first round of the election, and Zoran Đogaš, the candidate supported by the HDZ party will vie in Split's mayoral runoff, according DIP's first results of the snap elections held on Sunday.

The first results released by the State Electoral Commission (DIP) on Sunday evening after all of the 163  polling stations were closed in this second biggest Croatian city, show that Puljak of the Centar party  won 48.73% of the vote (22,561 ballots), while Đogaš came as second with 25.67% of the vote (11,887 ballots). Thus they will run in the second round of the mayoral election on 10 June.

Other mayoral seven candidates won below 10% of the vote: Željko Kerum of the HGS (7.94%), Josip Markotić of the Bridge party (4.53%), Aris Zlodre of the Homeland Movement (3.89%). Davor Matijević of the SDP (3.84%), Tamara Visković of the We Can and the New Left (1.85%), Kristina Vidan of the Pametno za Split i Dalmaciju (1.28%) and an independent Ante Franić (0.66%). 

Puljak's Centar party wins a relative majority in city council

Also, the early elections were held for the 31-seat city council, and according to the returns from the polling stations the Centar party won 42.47% of the vote. The slate of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) and the Croatian Peasant Party (HSS) follows with 23.81%, while the HGS party of a former mayor Kerum ranks   third with 7.11% of the vote. 

The other three slates that passed the 5% threshold are Bridge with 6.61% of the vote, the SDP/HSU with 5.75% and the Homeland Movement (DP) with its partners HDS and HSP and the Sovereignists (5.63%).

The turnout at the polls was 31.6%.

Early elections for the mayor and the city council were in Split on Sunday, slightly more than 12 months after the ordinary local elections which were held in Croatia in May 2022. The snap polls were called after Mayor Ivica Puljak and his two deputies tendered their resignations on 8 April following a scandal involving Deputy Mayor Bojan Ivošević, who threatened a local reporter and was subsequently indicted for intimidation. The Office of the State Prosecutor (DORH) in Spit issued the indictment on 23 March.

After their resignation, the members of the 31-seat city council also stepped down, paving the way for an early election for the city council.

Monday, 27 June 2022

National Croatian Wine Day Celebrated in the USA

June 27, 2022 - Did you know that for the last 2 years, there is a registered wine holiday in the USA that celebrates - Croatia!? A look at national Croatian Wine Day!

This wonderful initiative came from Anna M. Viducic, a founder of Aroma Wine Co. As she explained: "#NationalCroatianWineDay celebrates Croatia's Independence Day on June 25, and it highlights Croatia's unique wine history dating back to 2500 years", said Ms Viducic, adding that "Croatia is a home to an estimated 120 indigenous grape varietals and four key wine regions - Croatian Uplands, Dalmatia, Istria and Kvarner, and Slavonia and Croatian Danube, 16 sub-regions and 66 appellations..." She is born into a Croatian family and raised in Paris, France, and she spent most of her summer vacations in Croatia, enjoying everything that the country has to offer, including working in her family’s vineyards. “Wine is in my DNA, and I am making it my mission to promote Croatian wines globally”, said Ms Viducic.


Since June 2020, ‘National Croatian Wine Day’ has been a registered wine holiday in the United States.

National Croatian Wine Day will be celebrated each year on Croatia’s Independence Day on June 25, the day when the Croatian Parliament declared its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. National Croatian Wine Day highlights Croatia’s unique wine history dating back to 2,500 years.


Here is how you can help spread the word about the quality of #Croatian wine:
1) pour #croatian #wine for you and your friends
2) share this to your friends and colleagues - pls don’t just “like”
3) take photos and share on social media letting everyone know
4) tag your local importer, distributor, restaurant or store Croatian Premium Wine Imports, Inc. (USA) Croatia Unpacked @adriaticwines (EU) @adriaticgourmet @croatian_vintage (Australia) Vinum USA @4240brands (CO) or any others
5) ask your neighborhood wine bar, restaurant or a store if they have #Croatian wines to serve

Use any hashtag with “wine” and “Croatia” you can find, particularly in your local area. You can read more about Croatian wines at Cheers! - Živjeli!

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