Croatian 404 Agency Overtaken by German-Swiss MYTY

By 7 February 2023

February the 7th, 2023 - The leading group of German and Swiss agencies MYTY, which is based in Berlin, has taken over the largest Croatian communication agency 404 and Shape 404, a technology company that is part of the wider Croatian 404 group.

As Marija Crnjak/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Croatian 404 agency has become the very first domestic agency to participate in the consolidation process on the European market, and this is also MYTY's first foray from the DACH region into Southeastern Europe.

The Croatian 404 agency claims that they are working towards greater business success, which is the result of long-term investments in quality, and this all brings them the opportunity to work with some of the best agencies and clients from both Germany and Switzerland.

This is the fastest growing European initiative that consolidates communication, marketing and technology agencies, and MYTY brings together ten agencies spanning 26 offices across Germany and Switzerland. The group is known for bringing together the best agencies in their respective fields, while all agencies within the group retain their complete independence and own brands.

The same will happen with the Croatian 404 group, whose founders Nikola Vrdoljak, Martina Pintaric and Zoran Stekovic have become partners in the company.

It is otherwise the largest Croatian communications agency of all with more than 80 clients from the region's strongest industries, while Shape 404 is focused on technology projects. The group employs 180 employees and back in 2022, they achieved a very impressive non-consolidated income of almost 16 million euros, or 25 percent more than the year before.

"We've been researching and looking into what our next step should be in terms of the development of our group for a long time now and we finally found a partner who offers and sees the future in the same way as we do. MYTY is a step forward that will allow us to provide our clients with an even better and more advanced service, and our teams will get to work for new challenging clients in foreign markets.

The Croatian 404 agency will continue to operate completely independently, under the same brand, and will contribute to the development of the entire group with its knowledge and teams. We're focused on our clients who are primarily leaders in their own industries, digital challengers and leaders within the tech sector,'' said Nikola Vrdoljak from the Croatian 404 agency.

MYTY says that this is the next step in the internationalisation of their group.

"404 is one of the most awarded agencies in Southeastern Europe and is becoming a centre for the continuous expansion of the group in that same part of Europe. With more than 80 clients, including major brands such as Adidas, Uber, Huawei, Coca-Cola and McDonald's, the agency is laying the foundations for further expansion. For both 404 and Shape, this integration is a big step forward, since MYTY offers the possibility of cooperation with the best agencies and clients in Germany and Switzerland," the German-Swiss group announced yesterday.

“We're very excited about their addition to the group, with 404, we aren't only leaving the DACH region for the first time ever and gaining access to a new geographic market, but we're also able to additionally expand our capabilities and capacities in the areas of international communications and product development," said David Rost, the co-founder and CEO of the MYTY Group, on the occasion of the takeover.

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