Rijeka IT Company Appon Experiences Incredible Growth

By 22 December 2022

December the 22nd, 2022 - The Rijeka IT company Appon continued to experience enormous growth last year, and the need for more employees is only increasing.

As Borivoje Dokler/Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Croatian IT companies are achieving notable results on the market today, but society is always looking for a little more and a little more. The Rijeka IT company Appon managed to give that little bit more which is always being sought, and with it; they started the Academy for the training of IT experts.

According to the Rijeka IT company Appon, the reason for starting the Academy is very simple, and it relies on ever-evolving market trends. The development and accelerated growth of the IT sector has led to a lack of professional staff, which is ultimately necessary for the regular and high-quality performance of business processes.

"On the basis of this, and primarily from the experience of working on here on the Croatian market, as well as on markets throughout the EU, we concluded that it's far simpler to start our own training and staff training. This process may be more time-consuming and financially demanding, but in the end, it brings about benefits by which you ensure the constant presence of trained and educated personnel in the processes of working with clients.

''The Rijeka IT company Appon is otherwise an company with international experience and we work or have worked with some of the leading international companies such as Lufthansa, Mercedes, DB Energia and so on. These are indicators that we believe in this type of training because so far it has shown exceptional results and has trained a certain number of very successful experts," said Robert Franjkovic from Appon.

They started their story from the idea of transferring their knowledge and experience to young people who already possess some basic knowledge and want to invest extra effort in personal upgrading and development. The transfer of knowledge is therefore the backbone of it all, and it seems that the premise of growth is precisely that "knowledge is not knowledge to know, but knowledge is knowledge to give".

"The people we accept throughout our process aren't conditioned by diplomas or previous work experience and knowledge. It's crucial for us that candidates have the foundations on which we build that knowledge and expertise. In order to achieve this, we ask candidates for commitment, expediency, initiative and a desire to learn, which we can and know how to bring to a level that will bring benefits to them personally, but to us at Appon, it's also to our mutual benefit when it comes to our daily work with our clients,'' Franjkovic explained.

Participants who complete their Academy are included in operational processes, and depending on the level of training and their acquired knowledge, some of them will be immediately operationally redirected to operational tasks at locations in certain EU countries, such as Germany. There, all expenses and accommodation, as well as their salary will be covered in line with proper EU standards.

Their Academy differs in many ways from similar programs of this type, and first of all, their educators, as explained by Franjkovic, are people who also acquired their own knowledge according to a similar principle of work.

Their approach is based on similar foundations and they know how to approach and implement knowledge that will later be successfully applied in practice. Currently, the third generation of participants is in the process of training, among whom they already recognise a few that they state have predispositions to reach the highest level of knowledge and practical application. On top of all of the above, in the coming years, since their company is achieving significant growth, the Rijeka IT company Appon plans to invest significant funds and place an increased emphasis on the Academy.

Only last year, their growth was about 600 percent compared to 2020, and thus the need for professional staff has drastically increased.

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