Mate Rimac Unveils Bugatti W16 Mistral: €5M, Already Sold Out!

By 20 August 2022
Mate Rimac Unveils Bugatti W16 Mistral: €5M, Already Sold Out!
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August 2022 - Meet the Bugatti W16 Mistral, the first Bugatti conceived and developed under Bugatti Rimac - and already sold out!

I seem to be writing a lot about Mate Rimac these days... 

From being the first person to drive across the new Peljesac Bridge, which connected Croatia, with Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic the passenger in the elite RImac Nevera, to Formula  1 legend Nico Rosberg taking delivery of the first Nevera for over $2 million.  

Surely cars can't get more expensive than that? Well, apparently, they can...

Rimac acquired the prestigious Bugatti brand last year, and he posted on Facebook about the first fruits  of that new partnership from California  this morning:


Ladies and gentlemen, the Bugatti W16 Mistral. The first new Bugatti conceived and developed under Bugatti Rimac. A celebration of the glorious W16 - the last of its kind before we move to the next generation of hybrid Bugattis. 99 units will be built at 5 Million Euro each. We have shown the car only to existing Bugatti owners during the last weeks and they loved the car so much that it is already completely sold out. Bugatti is therefore again sold out (there is no new Bugatti that can be ordered today) - with all production slots being spoken for until the end of 2025. Congratulations to the whole team on this amazing achievement!


Quite extraordinary. And yet another milestone in this unbelievable journey. 

You can follow the latest from Mate Rimac in the dedicated TCN section.



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