Komiza Residents Invited to New Bisevo Hotel's Public Presentation

May the 28th, 2022 - The residents of Komiza have finally been invited to the public presentation of the new and rather controversial Bisevo hotel, which has attracted reactions across the spectrum from locals.

As Morski writes, a series of controversies has been connected with the project of building a new hotel in Komiza, which resulted a real wave of dissatisfaction among locals, but also from regular guests of this picturesque fishing village on the gorgeous island of Vis.

What exactly is planned to be built, as well as all of the details, should finally be revealed at the public presentation of the project which will take place on Sunday, at 10:00 in the "Boris Mardesić" gallery in Komiza.

The public has been struggling to come across any real details surrounding the Bisevo hotel project, which caused a real storm among the people of the west side of the island of Vis. The initial plan was to build a hotel with 700 beds, which caused justified fears that the communal and traffic infrastructure of this small town with a little more than a thousand inhabitants, wouldn't be able to cope with it.

Then new information came out that the President of the City Council, Edo Bogdanovic, was also the director of Modra spilja d.d., ie a representative of an investor who intends to invest in the new hotel, which has raised the issue of conflict of interest. He said in several media appearances that he didn't see anything controversial in what he was doing.

Then, the investor of the new hotel sued the representative of the civil initiative (SVEZAK) for posting on Facebook regarding the construction of the new Bisevo hotel, so another local group sued Mayor Tonka Maroevic and City Council President Edo Bogdanovic.

After that, the local political party MOVI SE - Nezavisna lista/Independent list Komiza announced that the investor had given up his intention to build a hotel with 700 beds and that he had lowered that number down to 450. 

Then the story began to circulate in the public that Bogdanovic gave the founder of the Independent List MOVI SE attractive space on the waterfront for a restaurant in order to stop his name being withdrawn from the media, which was denied. All in all, there has been a lot of back and forth surrounding the mysterious Bisevo hotel's construction.

In any case, Komiza's locals are eagerly awaiting much more detailed information about the project that awakened many dormant resident spirits, but also raised a number of questions to which the general public has not yet received any clear answers.

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