Finance Ministry to Issue Bonds on International Financial Market

By 13 April 2022
Finance Ministry to Issue Bonds on International Financial Market
Image: Pexels

ZAGREB, 13 April 2022 - As the maturity of the oldest Croatian euro bond in the amount of €1.25 billion is approaching, the Finance Ministry will for the first time this year issue a bond on the international financial market, with 2032 as the year of maturity.

The Finance Ministry on Wednesday opened a subscription book for new Croatian euro bonds ahead of 30 May, the maturity date of the €1.25 billion euro bond, the oldest Croatian euro bond issued in 2014.

The expected maturity date of the new issue is 2032, RBA analysts said.

Finance Minister Zdravko Marić said in late February an international bond issue was being prepared, to be followed by another issue on the domestic market in July.

Croatia last issued government bonds on the international financial market in March 2021, in two tranches - a €1 billion bond with 2033 as the year of maturity, an annual coupon rate of 1.125% and a yield of 1.257%, and one maturing in 2041 in the nominal amount of €1 billion, with an annual coupon rate of 1.75% and a yield of 1.788%.

The latter bond was the first issue to mature in 20 years, the longest period of maturity in the country's history on the international financial market.

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