New Construction Minister Owns Many Properties, Has Two Big Loans

By 5 April 2022
New Construction Minister Owns Many Properties, Has Two Big Loans
Robert Anic/PIXSELL

ZAGREB, 5 April 2022 - According to new Physical Planning, Construction and State Assets Minister Ivan Paladina's declaration of assets, he has a monthly income of HRK 114,500, owns a flat in Zagreb and numerous building plots in the Slavonia region, and has two loans, one of HRK 10.1 million and one of €305,000.

Paladina's monthly pay is HRK 18,432 net and each month he also receives HRK 19,276 and 76,500 from assets and property rights.

He also has receivables from a security totalling HRK 19.4 million.

The new minister owns a flat in Zagreb worth HRK 2.72 million which he bought with a loan as well as four smaller properties, three worth HRK 123,000 each and one worth HRK 22,000.

The value of the building plots in Slavonia is estimated at almost €1 million.

Furthermore, Paladina owns a 10% stake in Kupari Luxury Hotels and is the sole owner of the Delta consulting company. Management rights in both will be transferred within the legal deadline.

Paladina's wife is employed in Delta, where her monthly pay is HRK 4,000 net. Each month she also receives HRK 19,276 from assets and property rights.

The couple own an office building in Zagreb estimated at over HRK 6 million, a flat estimated at over HRK 1 million, and a yard estimated at HRK 1.25 million. Their savings total HRK 1.25 million.

Paladina also owns a vessel estimated at HRK 255,000 and his wife a Mercedes estimated at HRK 90,000.

(€1 = HRK 7.5)