Zagreb IT Company Q Opening Office in Serbian Capital City

By 22 February 2022

February the 22nd, 2022 - The very well known Zagreb IT company Q is vusy expanding its business by opening an office in the Serbian capital city of Belgrade.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, this year, the Zagreb IT company Q has ambitious plans to employ 40-50 people who will work on global projects from neighbouring Serbia. After London and Zagreb, Belgrade is the third European city in which Q will expand its already impressive team of experts.

Their new Belgrade office will build on the one already open here in Zagreb, and the two facilities will work together on projects. Just like here in Croatia, in Serbia, Q will offer work in a fast-growing company with employees being put first with international projects and transparent communication.

"Here at Q, we've been cooperating with numerous IT experts from Croatia's immediate region for years now, and we've recognised Serbia as a market with quality staff to offer. We're sure that the opening of the headquarters in Belgrade will enable us to strengthen our presence and attract more top quality people. We're looking forward to gaining some new colleagues,'' pointed out the CEO of Q, Filip Ljubic.

They're now focused on Western Europe and the American market

The successful Zagreb IT company Q is already cooperating with a dozen experts from Serbia, as in these new collaborations it will be crucial for people to fit into the culture of Q. New employees will have a number of benefits at their disposal, including annual education budgets, special fees for working from home, choosing their own type of equipment, as well as private health insurance and a Fitpass.

In addition to all of the above, Q has announced that they will keenly listen to the needs of the market and their employees and, according to the feedback they receive, they'll continuously model the benefits to best suit them.

Experts from Serbia will join their colleagues on client projects such as Novartis, The Times, Manpower Group, Smart, Vaillant, BBC, Hilti and many others. This year, Q remains focused on the DACH region, the United Kingdom, the US and Canada, with continuous business expansion and progress.

It's worth mentioning that this Croatian company recently won its second consecutive award for the best employer in the category of medium-sized companies according to a survey conducted by MojPosao (MyJob), and at the Best Employer Brand Awards Adria competition, they stood out as the leading company in the field of employee satisfaction with as many as six awards.

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