Rimac's Project 3 Mobility Planning New Project, Preparing for Employment

By 28 January 2022

January the 28th, 2022 - Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac's company, Project 3 Mobility, is planning a new project and requires quite a considerable amount of new staff for that. Project 3 Mobility is, as such, planning further employment in the near future.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, while Rimac and Porsche continue to develop their electric hypercar, as well as plans to develop the automotive giant Bugatti in the direction of electrification - his other large company, Project 3 Mobility, was founded for a controversial robotics taxi development project in Zagreb backed by the European Union (EU) this year. It could create a significant number of new jobs.

This was revealed by the Project 3 Mobility company's co-founder and director of operations Marko Pejkovic, according to a report from Poslovni Puls.

“I know that the year 2024 sounds unrealistic for launching something like this, but so did the current status when we launched Project 3 Mobility two years ago. Aside from a few short answers given by Mate, we don’t want to talk or reveal too much about the details of what we’re doing until it’s ready. Not because we have something to hide, but because very soon after the presentation, you'll be able to try out the service yourself, and not wait for two or three years. Firstly in Zagreb before the end of 2024, and then across many other cities in the world. Our team will grow from the current 80 people to 230 by the end of the year. Those people will be mostly from Croatia.''

"We're publishing the positions here and also soon on the new website. If doing things that most people might find impossible is something that motivates you, consider applying for a job. We don't offer table football or the use of a Playstation, but the opportunity to fundamentally improve a 100-year-old industry and the way in which we move and live,'' Pejkovic announced on his Linkedin profile.

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