Contracts Signed for Brodosplit to Construct Two €200 Million Vessels

By 12 January 2022
Brodosplit, 2020
Brodosplit, 2020 Commons/Wikimedia/Ballota

January the 12th, 2022 - The famous Split shipyard under Tomislav Debeljak, Brodosplit, has got its hands on two very valuable new contracts to construct ships in 2022.

The world of Croatian shipbuilding has been suffering since long before the coronavirus pandemic struck and caused an extended period of domestic and global economic gloom. The likes of Uljanik and Maj 3 in Pula and Rijeka dominated the headlines for months on end due to their enfeebled state and attempts from the state to get things moving again.

With strikes because of wages not being paid to employees for months on end and deadlines missed taking place, domestic shipbuilding, which once held a high place on what Croatia could traditionally rely on doing and doing well, had slipped far down the list.

Brodosplit wasn't immune to shipyard and shipbuilding related issues either, but it did, on the whole, perform far better than poor Uljanik did. It seems 2022 is starting out well for Debeljak's firm, as well.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, a new beginning of another brand new year is upon it and with it has come a very welcome new chance for Brodosplit. The well-known shipbuilding company has signed contracts to build two large vessels worth more than 200 million euros. The two ships are a luxury megayacht and another polar cruiser, for which Brodosplit has made quite a name.

This is of course fantastic news with which to kick off 2022 from the famous Split shipyard, which has, as stated previously, been struggling with a lack of work and liquidity in these pandemic-dominated last couple of years, which is why the payment of salaries has unfortunately been being delayed for months.

''We're sure that we will meet the deadlines that are due in the year 2025. One ship is 125 metres long, extravagant in its various aspects and for only 12 passengers and 50 crew members. The polar cruiser on the other hand is is 110 metres long, and will be intended for 152 passengers and 111 crew members,'' Dino Donjerkovic, Brodosplit's sales director, told HRT.

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