Electric Taxis Introduced in Karlovac

By 4 January 2022
Electric Taxis Introduced in Karlovac
Photo: Kristina Stedul Fabac/PIXSELL

ZAGREB, 4 Jan 2022 - As of Tuesday, two electric taxis will be providing taxi services in Karlovac, their purchase by the Ambassador company having been co-financed with HRK 70,000 (approx. €9,300) per car by the Environment and Energy Efficiency Fund.

The two Volkswagen vehicles each cost HRK 300,000 (€40,000) and Ante Čerkez of the Auto Hrvatska car dealer said electric cars accounted for 3% of all car purchases in 2021, three times more than in 2020.

Čerkez expects the sale of electric and hybrid cars to rise significantly due to the need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

"Electric car sales in Karlovac are 25% higher than the national average," said Čerkez.

Ambassador CEO Duško Gušić said the company had opted for electric cars owing to financial incentives from the state and client expectations. He noted that thanks to the city administration, the electric taxis would be charged for free.

The company plans to buy three more electric vehicles with the support of state subsidies this summer, he said.

Karlovac Mayor Damir Mandić said that in 2020 the city invested around HRK 200,000 (€27,000) to install seven charging stations, available for free to anyone with an electric car.

He announced that the city public transportation would go green as well, calling on other providers of taxi services in the city to opt for electric cars and promising free charging of their vehicles at the city-owned charging stations for them as well, until further notice.

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