Half a Billion Dollar Infobip Investment Pushes Vodnjan Company Further

By 3 December 2021

December the 3rd, 2021 - After becoming the very first Croatian unicorn last year as a domestic IT company that exceeded $1 billion in value, this year has been equally dynamic for Infobip. An Infobip investment is also pushing them closer and closer to another big goal.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/VL/Zoran Vitas writes, a few weeks ago, the Vodnjan giant took over another American company, Peerless Network, a global provider of Voice over IP services, and then achieved a $500 million loan where Morgan Stanley was the chief financial advisor.

An Infobip investment of half a million US dollars was announced by Silvio Kutic, the company's director, back in May, which he said was a precondition for the company's first public offering of shares across the Atlantic in the United States.

“The $500 million loan financing, on extremely favourable terms, has classified Infobip among a group of high-growth, high-value technology companies that have used a similar form of financing. Part of the amount was used to purchase Peerless Network, but the rest was used for other needs, organic growth and further acquisitions. The industry in which Infobip is located is accelerating and we're ready to move forward on that wave,'' Kutic told Vecernji list, adding that the company's goal is to develop towards the ''liquidity'' event, most likely through the IPO in New York, when all factors are met.

In May, Infobip also announced the acquisition of Irish IT company Anam Technologies, the world's leading SMS firewall service provider. This year, Infobip also launched the Startup Tribe programme aimed at finding and gathering the most innovative domestic and global startups and accelerating and monitoring their growth and development.

Today, the programme brings together more than 70 startups from across almost 40 countries. They can apply for amounts from $10,000 to $60,000, as the value of using Infobip’s communication technologies. Infobip will always point out that the company is its employees, and the latest piece of big news is about the launch of the ESOP (Employee Stock Option Plan), the allocation of option shares of the company to all current and future employees.

“We launched the Employee Option Shares (ESOP) model, which has a global application, back in 2017, modelled on Silicon Valley companies. We allocated 10% of the company's share, and then we started allocating options to individual employees who proved to be key to growth and business. This is now a new beginning for Infobip. As we extend ESOP to all current and future Infobip employees, the company’s success and their individual successes will be even more strongly linked. It's the employees who generate the growth of the company, and Infobip has grown so fast thanks to their talent, effort and dedicated work.

With this, the company wants to thank them, reward them and motivate them even more for an ambitious growth plan in the future. By working so well for the company, our employees will create value for themselves after a certain time,'' said Silvio Kutic.

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