Largest Works in 150 Years in Split City Port Finally Drawing to Close

By 28 November 2021

November the 28th, 2021 - Not so long ago, the largest works in 150 years for the Split City Port began, in which a complete overhaul of some parts of it were undertaken. These works are now finally drawing to a close after much disruption.

As Morski writes, the very final phase of works are underway at the Split City Port. As part of this massive project, the coastal belt has been widened from four and a half metres to nine and a half metres, covering a total length of 260 metres, and it will have special moorings for catamarans and a section for pedestrians, which will reduce the usual crowds during the height of the typically extremely busy summer tourist season.

''It has been anticipated that the works in the Split City Port will finally be completed by the end of this year, ie after less than nine months since they began,'' the director of the Split Port Authority, Vice Mihanovic, told HRT.

An enormous 42.6 million kuna was invested in this large project, which was withdrawn from the European Union's cohesion funds as well as from the Croatian state budget.

''Thanks to the Croatian Government, the competent ministry and European Union (EU) funds, after 150 years, we will get a new waterfront that will fully meet the needs of both visitors and the citizens of Split. The operational part will be separated from the promenade, and I would especially like to point out that the coastal belt is being adapted for people with disabilities,'' Vice Mihanovic pointed out, adding that these works are of exceptional importance for the City of Split.

''This should be the direction in which the City of Split should continue to develop, with concrete projects and ideas,'' he said in an interview for "Good morning, Croatia/Dobro jutro, Hrvatska".

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