Croatian Q Agency Embraces Remote Work as Digital Age Edges Closer

By 24 November 2021

November the 24th, 2021 - The Croatian Q Agency has embraced the modern remote work trend whole-heartedly as it offers the possibility to its employees, be they in their apartments in Zagreb or in a treehouse on a tropical island.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, the Croatian Q Agency will permanently enable its employees to choose the model of work that suits them best - from the office, remotely or combined. They also decided on this move based on employee information, and to make it easier to hire people outside of the City of Zagreb.

The Croatian Q Agency is thus following current global trends that show that an increasing number of companies in the sector are giving employees the choice of whether they want to work from the office or from home. This sort of work has been popularised to unexpected levels as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which saw many companies make it an option when lockdowns were in force.

They are also announcing the further expansion of their business and the employment of yet more experts, who will be able to work from any city across Croatia thanks to this model of work.

The Croatian Q Agency's Filip Ljubic stated that it is perfectly fine for someone to apply for a job with them and ask to work from Bali, Zanzibar or from some small lighthouse in the middle of the Adriatic. "That's why we'll never ask anyone to come into the office again," Ljubic said.

The head of the People & Culture department at Q, Anja Oppenheimer Baresic, pointed out that their internal survey showed that 61 percent of their employees want to come to the office occasionally, while 21 percent want to work completely outside the office and do all they need to do remotely.

It's worth mentioning that this Zagreb-based company's multiple offices have been closed since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, while employee satisfaction indices and general feelings of belonging and loyalty to Q are extremely high.

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