Croatia Has Almost 177,000 Active Business Entities

By 11 November 2021
Croatia Has Almost 177,000 Active Business Entities

ZAGREB, 11 Nov, 2021 - At the end of September 2021, there were 303,535 business entities registered in Croatia, of which 58.2% were active, according to data from the national statistical office.

The majority of registered entities were trade companies (227,194), of which 140,976 were active.

There were 72,754 institutions, bodies, associations and organisations, including 34,844 active ones, 3,578 cooperatives, including 848 active ones, and 91,084 entities in crafts and trades and free lances.

Broken down by activity, the majority of entities were in wholesale and retail, with 54,417 registered and 28,990 active ones.

Services follow with 49,939 registered entities and 23,395 active ones.

There were 31,046 registered and 22,021 active entities in professional, scientific and technical activities, and 31,142 registered and 18,553 active ones in construction.

As for accommodation and food service activities, there were 24,428 registered and 14,213 active entities, while in manufacturing there were 23,720 registered and 15,629 active ones.

Seventy-nine percent of active legal entities (139,560) were privately owned.

Among active legal entities, 86,727 had between one and nine employees, 72,318 had no employees, 13,514 had between ten and 49, 3,502 between 50 and 249, 333 between 250 and 499, and 274 had 500 or more.

The majority of trade companies were limited liability companies, with 164,039 registered and 101,742 active ones, followed by simple limited liability companies, with 60,241 registered and 37,608 active ones.

The majority of registered legal entities was in the City of Zagreb (98,278), followed by Split-Dalmatia County (31,413) and Primorje-Gorski Kotar County (25,464), while Lika-Senj County and Požega-Slavonia County had the least, 2,547 and 2,627, respectively.

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