2020 Golden Kuna Awards go to HS Produkt, Gamepires, GT Trade, PBZ...

By 11 November 2021

November the 11th, 2021 - The Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) has awarded its 2020 Golden Kuna awards (Zlatna kuna) to numerous Croatian companies which have experienced success and aided the domestic economy during the unprecedented and extremely challenging coronavirus-dominated year of 2020.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce's 2020 Golden Kuna awards were awarded recently for the 25th time, at a ceremony which could only be attended by those possessing covid certificates at Zagreb's Westin hotel. The winners are in eight categories - for small, medium and large companies, the most successful bank and insurance company, for innovation, for responsible and sustainable business and for what's known as ''life's work''.

Dok-Ing is rather unsurprisingly the winner of the 2020 Golden Kuna for innovation, PBZ (Privredna banka Zagreb) has been proclaimed the best Croatian bank of last year, and Croatia osiguranje (insurance) has been declared the best insurance company of 2020.

When it comes to being awarded for responsible and sustainable business, Jadran - Galenic Laboratory took home the 2020 Golden Kuna award. Zagreb's Gamepires won the same in the small business category, G.T. Trade from Split won in terms of the best medium-sized company, while HS Produkt from Karlovac won as the best large company. Special awards and recognitions were also presented along with the 2020 Golden Kuna awards.

The Croatian Employment Service (CES) has won an award for its efficiency in implementing government economic measures to preserve jobs due to the pandemic which were readily introduced last year. Dragutin Kamenski, the owner of the construction company Kamgrad, received the 2020 Golden Kuna for his life's work. The Croatian Chamber of Commerrce also presents the Golden Kuna awards for business success and contribution to the domestic economy.

The list of nominations is based on the calculation of established indicators, and the business image of domestic companies, the impact on the development of the activity to which they belong and the contribution to the development of the Croatian economy as a whole are adequately evaluated.

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