Monthly Rewards and More: 1,000 Aminess Tourism Workers Desired for 2022 Season

By 7 November 2021
Monthly Rewards and More: 1,000 Aminess Tourism Workers Desired for 2022 Season
Dusko Marusic /PIXSELL

November 7, 2021 - 1,000 Aminess tourism workers are desired for the 2022 season, with the promise of monthly rewards, holiday bonuses, accommodation, meals, and expert-led training in Croatia's best destinations. 

Travel company Aminess has started preparatory activities for next season. As it expects greater interest from key markets, Aminess has introduced a new recruitment campaign under the slogan “Aminess Jobs - Where Friendship Makes a Difference”, reports HRTurizam.


The campaign seeks to attract 1,000 employees to work in the best tourist destinations. It offers stimulating monthly rewards of up to 5,000 kuna, Christmas bonuses and holiday pay, hotel accommodation for employees, hot meals, and training programs led by experts.

Aminess points out that more than half of their seasonal employees return to work in their facilities, with material working conditions improving every year. In addition, Aminess announces that they plan to invest almost one million kuna in the education of all its employees in 2022.

Aminess is among the first to start preparing for the next season and is looking for chefs, assistant chefs, pizza masters, butchers, waiters, serving-assistant waiters, bartenders, receptionists, and maids.

The campaign, which seeks to attract new employees to work in high-class hotels, villas, and camps in Novigrad in Istria, Krk, Korčula, and Pelješac, also features renowned chef David Skoko and well-known blogger Ella Dvornik, who spent the day as employees.

“At Aminess, we focus on learning and development with the best professionals. This resulted in collaboration with chef David Skoko, who passes on his knowledge to our employees. Educated staff in the tourism sector are of great importance. Therefore, Aminess, in addition to competitive working conditions, educates all its employees to be ready for the tourist season and provide guests with an unforgettable experience in the destination," said Dalibor Matovina, Director of Operations at Aminess Hotels and Camps.

Aminess hotels and camps have high category hotels and campsites in Novigrad in Istria, Krk, Korcula, and Pelješac. The hotels and camps can accommodate more than 12,500 guests.

Regardless of the employment status, all Aminess employees are also allowed to be promoted. This is evidenced by the example of the director of one of the camps, who began her career at Aminess in 2013 as a receptionist. In just four years, she was promoted to the restaurant manager position, after which she was appointed to the role of the camp director.

“After a total of eight years of working in various positions at Aminess, this season, I was in the camp director role. Learning and investing in yourself is the key to personal success," points out Tatjana Glamatović, director of the Aminess Sirena camp.

This year, Aminess provided its employees with a bonus of HRK 5,000, a Christmas bonus of HRK 3,000, a gift for a child and another gift of HRK 600, and a rebate of up to HRK 1,800. Considering all the above, Aminess hotels and camps are proud that in addition to their regular income, they have enabled their employees to pay additional rewards and benefits in the amount of more than 10,000 kuna.

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