Croatia's Industrial Turnover Up 22.5% y-o-y in August

By 1 November 2021
Croatia's Industrial Turnover Up 22.5% y-o-y in August

ZAGREB, 1 Nov 2021 - Croatia's industrial turnover in August 2021 rose by 22.5% on the year and by 3.2% on the month, according to data by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics.

In August 2021, the seasonally adjusted industrial turnover increased by 22.3% on the domestic market and by 24.1% on the non-domestic market, compared to August 2020.

In terms of main industrial groupings, in August, the highest year-on-year increase, of 43%, was recorded in energy sales.

Sales of capital goods rose by 25.2%, intermediate goods by 22.1%, consumer non-durables by 18.7%, and consumer durables by 13.3%.

Industrial turnover has been growing on the year since the beginning of this year, with the exception of February, when it dropped by 7.7%. January saw the smallest increase, of 1.7%, while in March the increase was 11.7%, in April 40.6%, in May 36%, in June 20.8%, and in July 17.8%.

Industrial turnover in the first eight months went up by 17.4% year on year.

During the month, industrial turnover rose by 3.2% in August, increasing by 2.2% on the domestic market and by 1.5% on the non-domestic market.

In August, compared to July, total sales of capital goods increased by 5%, of consumer non-durables by 3.1%, and of intermediate goods by 2.8%, while total energy sales dropped by 21% and sales of consumer durable by 7.9%.

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