Another Peljesac Bridge Construction Site Pops Up as Completion Nears

By 28 October 2021

October the 28th, 2021 - Yet another Peljesac bridge construction site has popped up as the final completion of this massive strategic project draws ever closer and the final touches are dealt with.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, after what seems like an eternity of talking and then constructing, the works on Peljesac bridge have entered their final phase. Another very important Peljesac bridge construction site has now popped up and been opened next to the bridge itself - the sewage system from Komarna to Duboka.

''We've done 350 metres of the canal and now we're waiting for the entrance to the construction site next to the bridge itself. From there, we're left to connect across the road and descend towards Duboka,'' Ante Jukic, the construction site manager, told HRT.

''I must point out that we've received a valid permit for the use of this section to Duboka, and all of the preparations are underway to connect it all, ie, to connect those facilities that gravitate along the main pipeline,'' said Smiljan Mustapic, the mayor of nearby Slivno.

The connection of the facility to the system in Klek, Duboka and Komarna should start functioning in March next year, because a secondary network has already been built in the streets located directly by the shoreline.

''We've now got until next summer to solve this problem of our bay and then to continue with further development,'' emphasised Stipan Parmac from Duboka.

''We know that every day there are bigger and bigger capacities in the place itself. There's an increasing influx of tourists and I must say that it is to be commended,'' said Mate Dragobratic from Komarna.

Slovenian tourists, including the mayor of Ljutomer, have also been coming to see Peljesac bridge construction site as works have progressed. The bridge thus provoked a spontaneous meeting between the two municipal leaders.

''It's a good bridge because it was designed by a man from Slovenia. Bravo Croatia for building it,'' said Olga Karba, the mayor of Ljutomer, Slovenia.

''We've exchanged numbers and I hope there might even be a possibility of twinning,'' added Smiljan Mustapic, the mayor of Slivno, in response to the Slovenian mayor's comments on Croatia's largest strategic project which will finally unite the extreme south of Dalmatia with the rest of the country's territory.

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