Osijek Software Company Mono Has Best Financial Rating

By 2 September 2021

September the 2nd, 2021 - The Osijek software company Mono isn't a new player on the ever blossoming ''field'' of Croatian software developers and companies, in fact it has been a market leader in the field of eCTD software for some time now.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Suzana Varosanec writes, for years, the Osijek software company Mono has been one of the market leaders in the field of eCTD software, a standard used in the pharmaceutical industry when submitting information to regulatory agencies. Back in pandemic dominated 2020, they still excelled, managing to generate a massive 39.6 million kuna in revenue, while profit after tax amounted to 18.8 million kuna and accounted for 47 percent of their revenue.

This autumn, they plan to move into a new office building in their home base of Osijek, and according to the management team, Mono is "a strong company for the development of complex software systems with an emphasis placed on its own products that use advanced technologies."

When looking at other Croatian companies which did well despite the dire economic circumstances of 2020, the most successful long-term enterprise in 2020 is Zagreb's Spectra Media, while the most successful new enterprise is Sedam arhitektura, also based in the City of Zagreb.

The first gas company (Prvo plinarstvo drustvo) is the most successful enterprise in terms of total revenue in 2020, Zagrebacka banka the most successful bank, and Rimac Automobili is, rather unsurprisingly, the fastest growing company in 2020.

PPK Valpovo is the winner of the Golden Balance for 2020 in agriculture, forestry and fishing, Radlovac from Orahovica in mining and quarrying, HS Produkt from Karlovac in manufacturing, HEP is the winner for electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplies, Zagreb's Spectra Media (aforementioned) for water supply; wastewater disposal, waste management and environmental remediation, and the Velika Gorica-based company Lapor for construction.

For wholesale and retail trade; the repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles, the winner is Zagreb's Peek & Cloppenburg, for transport and storage, Rijeka's Jadranska vrata, and for providing accommodation and food preparation and serving, Global Food Zagreb (which runs the wildly popular McDonald's restaurants).

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