Hope for Uljanik Shipyard as New Vessel Construction Announced

By 31 August 2021
Hope for Uljanik Shipyard as New Vessel Construction Announced
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August the 31st, 2021 - The enfeebled Uljanik shipyard could have some hope on the horizon for it yet, as more vessel constructions are announced and Economy Minister Tomislav Coric pays a visit.

As Morski writes, after numerous issues, protests, bankruptcies and the many shed tears of its workers, the Uljanik shipyard (Uljanik shipbuilding 1856) proverbially sails on, slowly, but sailing nonetheless. Yesterday morning, the Minister of Economy Tomislav Coric also visited the previously deeply troubled Pula shipyard.

The Uljanik shipyard claims that after the creation of the new administration, they successfully fulfilled all of their previous plans.

''Today we received support for the completion of the ships currently under construction, livestock 526 and another ship under the sections of number 531. If we manage to find a buyer and sell these new vessels at a positive price, or at market price according to the model done by Maj 3 (a Rijeka shipyard), the state will continue to offer a guarantee, as it does with the Rijeka shipyard,'' said the director of Uljanik Shipbuilding 1856, Samir Hadzic.

''The Uljanik shipyard is slowly rising, a small ship has been contracted, but that still represents a step is in the direction of shipbuilding. We talked about the prospects and some new orders. The state is helping out, we've given a loan guarantee for the construction of a fishing boat of over five million euros. The state will continue to be there, but above all through the promotion of healthy shipbuilding, which is based on market foundations, which is very important and which hasn't been the case in the past.

About 200 workers have been hired, which is satisfying and is a base with which to move forward, and when the time comes, the number will grow for larger ships. We must be careful not to put ourselves in a situation where the activity goes beyond the market framework,'' said Coric.

In addition to the construction of the aforementioned ships, the Uljanik shipyard also performs other tasks in its domain.

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