Croatian Tourist Agencies Finally Get Government Help - 36 Million HRK

July the 13th, 2021 - Croatian tourist agencies have been among the hardest hit in the country throughout the pandemic, with forced closures, difficulties with travel and tourism on a global scale and feeling forgotten about by the government when it comes to aid. The latter is finally about to change, and not a moment too soon.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, on Friday last week, the Ministry of Tourism and Sport announced a public call for small grants to help out Croatian tourist agencies and travel organisers, for which 36 million kuna has been provided from the state budget.

The grants are being given to Croatian tourist agencies to reimburse part or all of their already paid operating costs, provided that the total amount of support doesn't exceed 10,000 kuna per employee in any given tourist agency, and compared to the average number of employees per year for 2020, as explained by the press release.

The Ministry noted that the Croatian Government has adopted a programme to help coronavirus affected economic activities from the transport sector, tourism sector and the cultural and artistic events industry to start and normalise current operations due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, continuing with various aid measures for affected sectors, including tourism.

The goal of the programme is, as previously stated, to contribute to the start-up and normalisation of current operations due to the pandemic, through a one-time state aid measure of small value.

These grants can be applied for and received by Croatian tourist agencies which suffered a decline in operating revenues compared in pandemic dominated 2020 when to 2019 of at least 75 percent, and which are categorised as small businesses (medium, small and micro companies outside of the public sector, as well as obrts (crafts).

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