Croatian Post Introduces Another Delivery Novelty for Customers

By 13 April 2021

April the 13th, 2021 - Croatian Post (Hrvatska posta) has made several changes to how it functions and what it offers over the last year or so, and with the coronavirus pandemic continuing to rage on, they have introduced yet another option for their customers, this time relating to deliveries.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, Croatian Post introduced a novelty in its service when it comes to the delivery of packages and shipments. Namely, they will begin delivering packages on Saturdays, once a month and as needed. The company's postmen will therefore work on Saturdays in the cities and places where and when the influx of shipments and parcels has increased.

They say that the working Saturdays will see the postmen properly paid and that their goal is to raise the level of the services they provide because their customers are paramount, RTL news reports.

''Our goal is to raise the level of our service to an even higher level than prescribed because our customers are our primary focus,'' said Jo Kempen, the director of Croatian Post’s Corporate Communications Office.

Working on Saturdays is not the only novel service introduction from Croatian Post when it comes to delivering packages. The country's postal service has also started testing the "package machine" which will greatly facilitate the lives of all customers, users and suppliers by making things easier.

Otherwise, this sort of new Croatian Post service is far from now, and it has proven to be a hit in several countries, especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic when everything has slowed down and become somewhat problematic for both customers and those dealing with post.

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