Global AI Ethics Webinar: Is Universal Code of Ethics for AI Possible?

Global AI Ethics Webinar
Global AI Ethics Webinar Global AI Ethics Webinar

March 12, 2021 – In the last few years, we have witnessed a massive development of artificial intelligence, and in addition to its technological aspect, artificial intelligence also concerns ethics. To answer the question of whether a universal code of ethics for artificial intelligence is possible, the Institute Sapiens, CroAI Association, and FutureHR Consulting Association will host an online event, "Global AI Ethics Webinar."

Is a universal code of ethics for artificial intelligence really possible? And if so, what would its implementation by the different countries look like? An interactive conference on AI and ethics will take place online on March 17, 2021, at 11:30 am, with a specific feature – taking into account the multicultural challenge.

The webinar's line-up includes global experts on the ethical development of AI:

Emmanuel Goffi, Director of Institute Sapiens – Observatory on Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: "Cultural differences in the ethical assessment of AI"

Idoia Salazar, President of OdiseIA - Social and Ethical Impact of Artificial Intelligence Observatory: "A Chinese robot shouldn't be the same as a European one. Why not?"

Jassim Haji, President Artificial Intelligence Society Bahrain at Artificial Intelligence Society: "Ethical concerns of AI in Cyber Security: A Middle Eastern Perspective"

Their keynotes will be followed by the panel discussion "The quest for a universal code of ethics" moderated by Aco Momčilović, head of FutureHR. Among other things, panelists will open the subject on the importance of information diversity regarding ethical standards. Can we have a universal code of ethics, and what are the consequences of the dominance of just one approach (currently West-centered one)? Who should join the debate about ethics in AI, and in what way? Such questions will be discussed at the panel, and the tickets for the whole event are available online.

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