A1 Croatia Gives Communication Benefits in Earthquake-Affected Area

A1 Croatia
A1 Croatia Source: Pixabay

January 5, 2021 – After a donation of 2 million kuna, A1 Croatia gives its customers 120 GB of additional free internet traffic to make communication easier for earthquake-affected area residents.

A1 Croatia provides 120 GB of additional free internet traffic on their A1 mobile lines for users whose homes have been damaged. Also, on Tomato lines, A1 gives a free option of 500 min/SMS. All business users from the affected area will receive 150 GB of free data traffic in January, A1 Croatia reported.

Users who cannot use A1 services due to damage can either put it into "sleep mode" free of charge during non-use, request the disconnection of fixed services (free of charge and without the need to return the equipment), or activate replacement fixed services such as Flatbox.

"In this challenging year for all residents of Croatia, marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, Zagreb and the last devastating earthquake in the broader area of Sisak, Petrinja, and Glina, the A1 Croatia mission is active assistance to the community. We are at the disposal of the Government of the Republic of Croatia," said A1 Croatia.

A1 Croatia has already donated 2 million kuna to repair the aftermath of the earthquakes in the cities of Petrinja, Sisak, and Glina and other cities and municipalities affected by the devastating earthquakes.

Also, A1 Croatia provided additional communication equipment for Sisak General Hospital and the radio stations in Petrinja and Sisak, as the local radio was the first source of information about the earthquake for the local population.

They donated ten free lines for the Croatian Red Cross employees. They also provided free minutes of conversations for experts who provide psychological assistance. A1 employees collect essential hygiene items, food and water, blankets, pillows, lamps, batteries, and other necessary things to deliver to the affected area.

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