Significant Croatian Telecom Investment Increases Connectivity

By 8 December 2020

December the 8th, 2020 - Croatian Telecom/Hrvatski Telekom (HT), the largest private investor in the digitalisation of the Republic of Croatia, has started implementing the most modern optical infrastructure in the area of ​​the city of Porec and its suburbs, and this hefty Croatian Telecom investment is sure to please many.

As Novac writes, this latest Croatian Telecom investment stands at an enormous 2.5 million kuna, and about 1,100 households in Porec's city centre will have the opportunity to enjoy gigabit speeds, and the realisation of this investment is planned to be completed in the first half of 2021.

A Croatian Telecom investment of an additional two million kuna on top of the above will enable the inclusion of vectoring and supervectoring technology, which will enable 100 Mbit / s internet speeds for 2,100 households in the areas of Varvari, Buici and Musalez by the end of 2020, CT announced.

With a superior experience of home internet connection, distance learning and enjoying entertainment such as gaming, the implementation of this project will improve the use of advanced digital products and services such as e-Citizens, e-schools, e-health, e-parking and other smart city projects being rolled out. High speeds and the availability of the Internet all over will also improve the tourist offer of this Istrian city and contribute to the further development of entrepreneurship and economic activity.

Back in September, Croatian Telecom signed a grant agreement with the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds and the Central Agency for Financing and Contracting of EU Programmes and Projects for a broadband infrastructure development project in the City of Porec and the municipalities of Funtana, Kastelir-Labinci. Sveti Lovrec, Tar-Vabriga, Tinjan, Visnjan, Vizinada and Vrsar.

Within this EU project, CT and its project partner, the City of Porec, will build a new generation broadband network infrastructure on the project's spatial scope, so that broadband access will be provided to 11,189 potential users (apartments, business and public users) at the identified 7,979 addresses. Access speeds of at least 100 Mbit / s symmetrically connected to the optics (ultrafast access) will be provided for 90 percent of households and business and public users.

The project implementation period runs from the 31st of January 2021 to the 30th of September 2023, and the total value of the project stands at a massive 68,596,456.66 kuna, of which grants in the amount of 27,924,952.44 kuna have been awarded.

''Croatian Telecom is continuing to invest in optical infrastructure even during these challenging times, and I'm glad that fast and quality Internet access will enable the entire community of the City of Porec to increase its economic activity and the quality of life of its citizens. At the beginning of next year, we'll will start implementing an EU project that will provide a quality optical infrastructure with its project partner, the City of Porec, in the area of ​​Porec and all of its surrounding municipalities,'' said Boris Drilo, a member of CT's Management Board for Technology and Information Technology.

''As mayor, I welcome this valuable investment that will ensure the fastest and highest quality telecommunications network for citizens and visitors to Porec with open arms. In addition, we're working on a large broadband internet project for the entire Porec region, which will provide areas with fixed optics for faster internet. As a city, we're striving to constantly work on projects that will further improve quality of life here. Along with all other investments - such as the construction of schools, kindergartens, roads, drainage - today, quality and fast internet can really help us to have the best possible everyday life and offer for guests. I'm sure that through this investment, we'll make a big step in that direction as well,'' concluded Loris Persuric, the mayor of Porec.

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