Has Coronavirus Crisis Pushed Digitisation, Croatian Agriculture Forward?

By 1 December 2020
Has Coronavirus Crisis Pushed Digitisation, Croatian Agriculture Forward?
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December the 1st, 2020 - Digitisation is a rather sore topic in Croatia, which is well known for its often draconian policies and bizarre, semi-masochistic love of paperwork, stamps and all things quite historic. Despite this, the coronavirus crisis has pushed Croatia deeply (and somewhat forcibly) more towards digitisation. Croatian agriculture has also benefited.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes, after an extremely challenging 2020, which, in addition to economic uncertainty caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, also brought with it enormous pressure to maintain the continuity of everyday business processes, Agrivi expects that 2021 will bring stabilisation and, in general, a more favourable business environment. All serious estimates speak of a relatively rapid economic recovery for Croatia next year, and this is important to everyone as it indicates a more positive environment which is key to continued investment and all further development.

''As far as the technology sector and our company are concerned, 2020 wasn't a bad business for us. This crisis has further emphasised the need to digitise all types of business, including Croatian agriculture, and it has further opened some doors for us and accelerated the entire dynamic of our business development.

We've continued to expand in the key markets we cover with a network of offices in Zagreb, London, Bucharest and Warsaw, and we've secured a new round of financing, which will further accelerate the development of our platform as well as our market dynamics. Additionally, we've managed to break into the Middle Eastern market with a solution for the traceability of agricultural production that we believe has huge market potential. We have also strengthened our relationship with our major partners such as Driscoll’s, the world’s largest berry producer, Nestle, Helvetas and BNP Paribas Bank. We closed the startup phase, strengthened the management team and as such also strengthened our market position,'' they stated from Agrivi, well known for its numerous successes here on the Croatian agriculture scene and that of further afield.

''For next year, we're planning to further accelerate growth, which in recent years averaged 100 percent per year. In general, we believe that 2021 will be a record year for the technology sector, on a wave of greater interest from companies and the public sector around the world in investing in digital transformation. Such an environment can and should be used by us in Croatia, to which, specifically for the digitisation of Croatian agriculture, significant paths to EU funds are being opened up.

Given that digitisation in agriculture raises wages between 50 and 100 percent, thus significantly increasing the competitiveness and sustainability of production, this opportunity absolutely shouldn't be missed,'' they concluded from Agrivi.

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