Croatian Agricultural Production Grows to Almost 19 Billion Kuna

By 29 November 2020
Croatian Agricultural Production Grows to Almost 19 Billion Kuna
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Despite the ongoing issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which dealt a heavy blow to numerous sectors such as imports and exports, Croatian agricultural production managed to see some growth.

As Morski writes, according to the first provisional estimates released by the Central Bureau of Statistics, Croatian agricultural production in 2020 increased by 4.7 percent when compared to the results garnered last year, rising from 17.9 billion kuna to an impressive 18.8 billion kuna.

On top of that, an increase in net value added and productivity of almost 10 percent was recorded.

''The data on the increase in net value which was added and productivity lead to the conclusion that this sort of growth could indeed become more sustainable. We do certainly need to wait for the final assessments to come in, and in recent years they have always been more positive than the first provisional assessments have been.

I'd like to thank all Croatian farmers and the agricultural processing industry for their will, efforts, investments, their suffering of disturbances and for their quiet but very, very well organised work, first, second and third shifts, procurement in very difficult conditions. We're all working together.

In the times ahead of us, we will know how to further encourage this type of transformation - by focusing on those who are the real ones [in this field] whether they're small or large, because in this way we can best protect the village, and we can also do the same with quick reactions to disturbances in accordance with the possibilities of the Croatian state budget.

What is equally important is that we will continue with our persistent work on the elimination of export barriers, obtaining veterinary certificates and proposing measures to the European Commission,'' said the Minister of Agriculture, Marija Vuckovic.

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