Ready for New Challenges: Second Season of Adria Business Network Opens!

By 24 October 2020

October 24, 2020 - Adria Business Network # 11 was held at the FORUM Congress Center in Zagreb, organized by entrepreneurs Željka Barišić, owner of Forca Digital Agency and Kristina Krstinić, owner of MIKRIS Project Management.

The event's goal is business networking in Croatia and the region, creating business opportunities, and encouraging continuous education. The event offers all participants the opportunity to get to know each other better and network better and in a targeted way.

The guest lecturer was investor and entrepreneur Saša Cvetojević, founder and owner of many companies, communicator of the year in 2014, member of the Croatian jury for the EY Award - Entrepreneur of the Year, an active promoter of e-mobility, the first owner of a Tesla electric car in the region and the first person to cross the Sahara Desert by electric car.

The organizers and hosts said the following about the atmosphere at the event:

"An extremely successful opening of the second season of our event in which our guest inspired us all with his many years of entrepreneurial experience and some anecdotes, which gave the whole conversation a special charm. This time there were mostly new faces in the audience, which makes us especially happy. In addition to loyal visitors, we always want to offer a chance for new acquaintances and quality networking. I would say that the selection of the guest was a complete success and that the three-hour gathering gave enough positive energy to prepare for the next event, which we will start today," said Željka Barišić, owner of Forca Digital Agency and one of the founders of Adria Business Network.

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Kristina Krstinić, owner of MIKRIS Project Management in Zagreb and also the founder of Adria Business Network, said the following about the event:

“I am very pleased that the new season started so successfully. Entrepreneurs have recognized us as an event where they can learn a lot, and with good company and networking, make some lucrative business. Our guest Saša Cvetojević told us a little more about the challenges he faced and gave us some positive guidelines and advice for the future. The panel was also attended by those present with their questions, which contributed to the great atmosphere and the exchange of interesting views and thoughts."

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The diamond partner of the event is A1. The silver sponsor is FINA and ManpowerGroup.

The event sponsors are the Bagatin Polyclinic, the FORUM Zagreb Congress Center, and Kreativ info. Partners are Vladimir Abicic Photography, Aero Print, Kupinovo vino - Kupilek, Valenta Wines, and MY MY CONCEPT.

The event's media partners are the magazine and portal Poduzetnik, magazine and portal Zaposlena, Netokracija,,,, Glas Istre,, Moja Domovina, Total Croatia News, Fama, ZgExpress, and Radio 92 FM.

The next Adria Business Network event will occur on November 17, 2020, at 6 pm at FORUM Zagreb, Radnička Cesta 50, on the 1st floor.  The guest of the event is Jako Andabak, owner of the hotel group Bluesun Hotels & Resorts.

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