Could Brand New Project Encourage Croatian Entrepreneurship?

Croatian entrepreneurship is something that is incredibly difficult for many to wrap their heads around, despite the fact that the country continually produces some incredible minds across all fields. While Croatia does boast some wildly successful ''home grown'' entrepreneurs such as the one and only Mate Rimac, the state and its draconian laws, as well as tiresome procedures and shabby administrative bodies put many a would-be entrepreneur off.

As Novac writes on the 26th of June, 2020, in order to encourage residents of Croatia to enter entrepreneurial waters, encourage Croatian entrepreneurship in general and also give existing entrepreneurs the proper tools to further develop their respective businesses, the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) has become a partner in a praiseworthy project called Entrepreneurship Promotion, which launched an initiative entitled ''Inoviraj-Profitiraj/Innovate-Make a Profit'' which is held through free online Info days and brings together entrepreneurs and innovators from across five Croatian regions.

The last Info Day is scheduled for Thursday, July the 2nd, starting at 11:00.

Mislav Malenica, a successful innovator and president of the Croatian Association for Artificial Intelligence (CroAI), who developed the popular virtual assistant Andrija with his team, will tell his inspiring story. Through the WhatsApp platform, this chatbot helps citizens, healthcare professionals, doctors and epidemiologists control the development of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in Croatia. Everyone who applies for the workshop will be able to ask Malenica questions not only about Andrija but also how he managed to realise his ideas and develop his business here in Croatia.

Emir Dzanic, one of the most well respected Croatian experts in the field of innovation, will also take part in the fifth Info Day, giving the attendees some effective tools for the easier realisation of their ideas, and as such encourage Croatian entrepreneurship.

His aim is to show people that as they work out their idea, they need to think about its commercialisation because the best recipe for failure is to make an innovative product, and only then think about how to actually sell it. Only when an idea comes to life in material form, either as a product or a service, and reaches customers, can anyone say that they have created some new value or innovation.

The info day will be concluded by consultants from the project Jednako Razvoj/Equal Development, one of the leading consulting companies for EU funds, who will talk about the latest sources of financing for business ideas.

Participation in these online workshops is free of charge, and you can register via the official website, so you can get a link to the workshop. The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.

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