Adria Business Network #4: Business 2.0 - What to Invest In?

May 19, 2020 - The next Adria Business Network will be held online on May 27, 2020. 

Everyone is invited to the fourth online version of Adria Business Network, which will take place via the Zoom platform on May 27, 2020, at 6 pm, organized by entrepreneurs Željka Barišić, owner of Forca Digital Agency and Kristina Krstinić, owner of MIKRIS Project Management.

Recall, at the first online event, Dejan Nemčić, Professor of Geography and the initiator of a different way of learning geography through the project "Live from All Continents", in cooperation with Croatian expats, was the guest, while the second event featured Hrvoje Bujas, President and Co-founder of UGP / Association Glas Poduzetnika, entrepreneur, co-owner of the companies Pravi Klik doo and Siguran Klik doo and better known for the brands - Crno Jaje, GoHome and

The third online gathering was held on May 14, 2020, under the theme 'Returning to the New "Normal" - Restart Business', with the famed director of Bagatin Clinic, Ognjen Bagatin, as the guest.

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The topic this time will be 'Business 2.0 - what to invest in?' with guest Davorin Štetner, President of the Croatian Network of Business Angels - CRANE.

The estimated duration of the event is 90 minutes, the guest will give a lecture lasting 40 minutes, and then participants will have the opportunity to join the discussion.

Participation in the event is free, and registrations can be done via the link (Meeting ID: 831 1583 9677).

The general sponsors of the event are the Bagatin Polyclinic, Kreativ info, and the FORUM Zagreb Congress Center. The silver sponsor is FINA - Financial Agency.

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