Mate Rimac Opening Centre in Slovenia - 3.4 Million Euros in Support?

By 11 December 2019

Beloved Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac is expanding Rimac Automobili's business to neighbouring Slovenia, where he will open a test centre code-named Hyper E-Car Lab in Novo Mesto.

As Bernard Ivezic/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 11th of December, 2019, Mate Rimac entered into this business in cooperation with the Slovenian company Lastinski Inzenjering from the former Slovenian Minister of Infrastructure, Energy, Transport and Spatial Planning Samo Omerzel.

"Lastinski engineering has offered for us to expand our testing capacities with a facility in Slovenia, which, given the cooperation we have, makes sense not only for us, but also allows many other manufacturers to test their drive systems in the laboratory in Slovenia," says Mate Rimac.

The Hyper E-Car Lab in Slovenia will serve Rimac to test battery and propulsion systems for its own cars, but will also offer such services to other automakers.

"The testing of electric powertrains and battery systems is a relatively new area and all manufacturers are struggling for testing capacities, and although we have certain capacities for that in the company in Croatia, which we're also upgrading, we still need more capacity," Mate Rimac says.

He added that as the industry moves more and more towards electric cars, he believes this is a great opportunity to build such highly sought after competencies and capacities in Slovenia.

The Slovenian media have stated that former Minister Samo Omerzel and Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac received 3.4 million euros in support from the Ministry of the Economy for the test centre project in Novo Mesto.

They state that they have explained to them that the project will be "a high-tech laboratory, which will allow for the testing of batteries, propulsion motors and electronics for the batteries of high-capacity electric vehicles."

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