Croatian KING ICT Gains Job Worth 6.4 Million Kuna in The Hague

By 11 November 2019

Croatian companies and indeed the entrepreneurs which get them off the ground in the first place experience varying levels of success both here at home and abroad. While the Croatian media tends to publish as much negativity as possible, there are many happy stories of success for the little guy in this country, which sadly get left behind in the array of depressing headlines pumped out by most media portals.

We at TCN try to do our best to always recognise the success, however big or small, of Croatian companies, entrepreneurs and products, because this little country boasts far too much talent and innovation to be bogged down in an endless circulation of miserable articles.

The Croatian state may well be no friend (or at best completely clueless) of the domestic entrepreneur and his business ventures, many other more economically developed countries recognise the quality that Croatia continues to produce across many fields.

As Poslovni Dnevnik/Bernard Ivezic writes on the 10th of November, 2019, the Croatian company KING ICT, with its seat registered in Zagreb, has just been chosen for an impressive job with a price tag of 6.4 million kuna attached to it in The Hague (Den Haag) in the Netherlands. 

''We are proud to be able to confirm the professionalism and expertise of our employees,'' stated Sendi Radić when speaking about KING ICT's newly contracted job in the Netherlands. KING ICT has been awarded the job of implementing a high-throughput network and a communications infrastructure solution at the NCIA site in no less than The Hague.

The implementation process will take four months, with a project value of just over 6.4 million kuna in total. Sendi Radić, a member of the board of the Croatian company KING ICT, says this is an extension of cooperation following the successful implementation of a solution for NATO's Communications and Information Agency in the Netherlands.

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