Technology Expert Moves Part of Business from Germany to Croatia

By 22 October 2019

When reading about economic and general business activity in Croatia, the headlines are for the most part bleak, but that isn't always the case. With digitisation comes a new wave of innovation, which involves entrepreneurs and fast-growing technology. Despite all of Croatia's woes, this little country has a lot of talent to boast about when it comes to this segment.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 21st of October, 2019, given the fact that he has grown up with computers since the age of thirteen, this Vukovar-born technology expert knew that he wanted to have his own software company, and he eventually more than succeeded in this plan at the beginning of the new millennium, but, rather unsurprisingly, in another country - Germany.

Way back in 2001, he founded Simvelop in the bustling German city of Düsseldorf, and in 2008 he opened his own subsidiary, Troido, which was one of Europe's leading software developers for the Android system, working with giants like Google, Facebook and Vodafone.

The Croat in question is Miroslav Simudvarac, an expert in the fast-growing technology industry, the Internet of Things (IoT), who recently decided to move part of his third company, Aconna, to his native Croatia, with the express intention of opening offices in not only the Croatian capital of Zagreb, but the typically overlooked Eastern city of Osijek, too.

As can now be revealed thanks to a local portal, Glas Slavonije, this plan has already been realised in Slavonia, as Aconno managed to secure a place in the BIOS Enterprise Incubator, where the first employee has already been found.

It certainly means a lot for a German company which has clearly had a lot of success under its belt to move part of its operations to Croatia, especially to a Slavonian city, and this will hopefully be the first of many companies to see past the red tape and recognise Croatia's enormous IT potential.

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