Zadar County Provides Support to Island Entrepreneurs and More

By 25 September 2019

Zadar County has decided to provide very welcome grants to micro-entrepreneurs and artisans from certain areas, including mountainous areas and the county's islands for the year 2019.

As Morski writes on the 25th of September, 2019, at the public invitation which was previously issued, 23 applications were received, of which 21 were accepted, and for which a total of 175,339.24 kuna was approved.

Mountainous areas of Zadar County include towns like Benkovac and Obrovac and the municipalities of Galovac, Gračac, Lišane Ostrovičke, Polača, Stankovci, Jasenice and Starigrad. In the category of islands, Zadar County includes all island municipalities in the area of ​​Zadar County, but also those islands within the mainland municipalities and within the City of Zadar.

''As of this year, Zadar County has been implementing a grant program for micro-entrepreneurs and craftsmen from certain areas, such mountainous areas and islands in the Zadar County area. The grants are distributed to traditional and artistic crafts (obrts), they go towards the entrepreneurship of young people and women, for startups and to co-finance the costs of entrepreneurs for the vocational training of employees for 2019.

All those who met the requirements were provided with grants, and I believe that in the coming years the number of applications will increase further,'' said Lovro Jurišić, Head of the Administrative Department for Economy, Tourism, Infrastructure and EU Funds of Zadar County.

The economy and craftsmanship of Zadar County shows positive developments when it comes to certain business indicators, such as continued export growth and a surplus in foreign trade, ad well as in the share of revenues generated on foreign markets.

''As is evident from our numerous activities, as well as from the above mentioned public invitation, in our county, we're striving to create a positive entrepreneurial climate in order to attract new investments in industry and services. Zadar County is continuing to record positive economic indicators this year, as evidenced by a significant increase in employment. During July and August, we had 62,000 employees in our county, a record figure, and what is particularly important to point out is that in just five years, the number of employees increased by almost nine thousand. This is data that encourages us and shows a positive trend in our economy,'' said Mayor Božidar Longin.

A total of 200,000 kuna was provided from the Zadar County budget for 2019 to support small businesses, and the maximum individual amount of support could amount to 10,000 kuna. That maximum amount of 10,000 kuna was received by eleven registered trades in the aforementioned areas within Zadar County.

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