Swedish Company Transcom WorldWide Opens Zagreb Office, Fourth in Croatia

By 3 April 2019

ZAGREB, April 3, 2019 - The Swedish company Transcom WorldWide opened its office in Zagreb on Tuesday, its fourth in Croatia, and plans to hire about 300 people to provide customer support services, which will bring the total number of its employees in Croatia to about 1,200.

Transcom WorldWide is a global company operating in 20 countries on three continents, providing customer support services, telemarketing and direct sale services to customers in the telecommunications, finance, tourism, insurance and retail sectors.

The company has been operating in Croatia since 2005 when it opened its office in Vukovar. It has also opened offices in Osijek, Pula and Vinkovci, providing its services in Croatian, Italian, German and other European languages. Its largest client in Croatia is Tele 2, and from Croatia it also provides services to Tele 2 Germany.

It opened the office in Zagreb because of the good geographic position of the Croatian capital and its increasing popularity among tourists. The office spreads over 2,000 square metres and about 50 people currently work there. The company plans to increase the number of staff to 300 by the end of the year.

According to Zolt Benes, the head of sales for Transcom Croatia, Serbia and Hungary, wages in Croatia range from 3,200 kuna (432 euro) for Croatian language and up to 5,500 kuna (743 euro) for German. The average wage is 3,800 kuna (513 euro).

The opening ceremony was attended by Transcom CEO Michael Weinreich, who expressed satisfaction with business in Croatia, where he said that they saw possibilities for development and expansion.

Petter Nilsson, First Secretary at the Swedish Embassy in Zagreb, said they were very proud that Transcom was doing such good business in Croatia, as were 50 other Swedish companies operating in the country.

Nilsson said that the Swedish companies employed about 10,000 people in Croatia and had invested 767 million euro, adding that they would continue to invest and support Croatia in its economic development.

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