Another Dismal Assessment of Doing Business in Croatia

By 21 November 2018

ZAGREB, November 21, 2018 - This year's HUP Score, which measures the progress of reforms in 12 key areas for doing business in Croatia, is 37 out of 100 points, one point less than in 2017, the Croatian Employers' Association (HUP) said at a presentation of this index on Wednesday.

"This score shows that we remain at the tail of the European Union. We are its worst performing member," HUP president Gordana Deranja said.

Noting that the HUP had been insisting on reforms all along, Deranja said that reforms would not have a strong effect on the economy if they continued coming from the Ministry of Finance alone.

"Although the score for fiscal consolidation is much better, a strong decline in the score for investment and business barriers and chronic problems relating to the burden on the economy and the labour market have resulted in a fall of the overall score for 2018. In addition to fiscal consolidation, productivity and competitiveness and capital supply also have positive scores," HUP said.

Results show that the best progress has been made in fiscal consolidation (from 54 points in 2017 to 56 in 2018), productivity and competitiveness (from 34 to 45 points) and capital supply (from 36 to 42 points).

On the other hand, the sharpest fall in the score was observed in the score for investment and business barriers, from 35 points in 2017 to 23 points in 2018.

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