Zagreb First European City to Have Public Presentation of New Tesla Model 3

By 13 September 2018

The citizens of Zagreb will be able to check out the new Tesla Model 3 next week, as the in-demand electric vehicle will be presented in public on September 21,2018.

One of the many things which confuses me about Croatia is how little officials make of Nikola Tesla in its tourism and other branding. Born in the village of Smiljan near Gospic in the modern Croatia, Tesla's positive influence on the world was immense, and we all benefit from his genius in some form or other. 

One company which understands the power of the achievements of Nikola Tesla and the potential for Croatia's international image and tourism is e-mobility experts E.V.A. Blue, a husband and wife team who have been working hard to promote e-mobility in Croatia, from almost a standing start. 

Back in early 2014, there were just four charging stations in all Croatia and only five registered electric vehicles. Tina and Igor Kolovrat saw this as a challenge and - determined to improve the visibility of electric transport in their native country - they organised the first Nikola Tesla EV Rally in the summer of 2014.

So successful was the rally that it was back the following summer, with none other than Maye Musk - mosther of Mr Modern Tesla - taking part in the rally and falling in love with Croatia. In 2016, Mate Rimac made an appearance, and the owner of the first ever Rimac Concept One took part in the rally all over Croatia with his US$1 million purchase. You can read TCN's interview with Paul Runge here.  The rally organisers are now in discussions to expand the quietest rally in the world as far away as China and Argentina. 

Each year the rally pushed the boundaries a little further. Imagine taking 50 Teslas on a chartered ferry to Croatian islands, where charging options for so many vehicles were limited at best. So impressed was Musk's Tesla company that they shared this video of a Croatian ferry with exclusive Tesla cargo (surely the first time in the world) on the company Facebook page. 

Organising a rally in Croatia takes considerable organisation, but expanding an electric vehicle rally without adding to the infrastructure is almost impossible. From those four electric charging stations in early 2014, Croatia now has more than 300, including 6 superchargers, with more than 170 due to the efforts of E.V.A. Blue. 

And next week will be the latest addition to Croatia's EV credentials, as E.V.A. Blue will be presenting the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3 on Friday, September 21, at a special public event on Cvjetni Trg from midday to 18:00, making Zagreb the first city in Europe to have a public presentation of the Model 3. More information on the event page here.