Pension Insurance Funds Continue to Grow

By 10 September 2018

ZAGREB, September 10, 2018 - Four Croatian compulsory pension insurance funds had a total of 1.882 million members at the end of July 2018, or about 58,900 more than at the same time in 2017, while their combined assets reached 96 billion kuna, according to the Financial Services Supervisory Agency (HANFA).

Compared with June 2018, the number of insurance policy holders increased by 3,210 persons or 0.17 percent.

The AZ compulsory pension insurance fund had the largest number of insured persons – 652,200, followed by Raiffeisen (565,400), PBZ/CO (350,900) and Erste Plavi (313,600).

A total of 531.22 million kuna of net pension contributions was paid into the accounts of the four pension funds, an increase of 10.33 percent or 49.7 million kuna over July 2017.

Since the creation of the four funds about 15 years ago, 70.54 billion kuna of net contributions has been paid into their accounts.

Total assets under the management of the compulsory pension insurance funds reached 96.34 billion kuna at the end of July 2018, which is 10.26 percent or 8.94 billion kuna more than in July 2017.