280 Million Kuna to Transform Vir into Five Star Island

Something new on the horizon for Vir?

A project that is being hailed as Vir's most significant to date, one of the largest coastal belt projects in Zadar County as a whole is set to take place.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 25th of July, 2018, the story of this much anticipated project will be placed in the context of and be delivered to the entire island as Vir's environmentally friendly and communal tourist product. One part of the project which is being awaited with particularly baited breath is the renovation and ''doing up'' of the entire southern and western coast of Vir, covering a relatively long distance of eight kilometres. This will cover beach areas, promenades, marinas, and sports grounds.

''This is Vir's most significant project, and one of the largest coastal belt projects in Zadar County,'' stated Mayor Kristijan Kapović during the presentation of the huge project, which comes with an estimated value of 280 million kuna. He also added that the upcoming project will bring with it welcome alterations to the island.

Vir's present central square will be renovated and be doubled in size, and an administrative business centre and hotel will be built, giving the area a new, more urban ''lick of paint''.

''It will be the thing that Vir has been missing. The new square will be Vir's ''living room'' and a gathering place throughout the year,'' concluded Mayor Kristijan Kapović when talking about his vision of Vir as a new five star island.