Why Has First CETS Zagreb Fair Been Postponed?

The fair has been moved from December this year, to May next year.

The Central European Tourism Summit Zagreb-CETS Zagreb, the first largest B2B tourism exchange in Central Europe, will be held at Zagreb Fair (Velesajam) on the 7th and the 8th of May 2019.

As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 23rd of July, 2018, the growing tourist demand for Croatia and other Central European countries is a more than exceptional opportunity for development and the subsequent achievement of added value in the regional tourism industry.

The organiser of the event is Lu Buchanan, and through cooperation with customers from across the tourism world who will arrive in the Croatian capital of Zagreb in May 2019, the very first tourism business fair in Central Europe will kick off.

Individuals in the tourism world from thirty countries around the will get better acquainted and go on to do business with regional tourist professionals, including the Croats, of whom there will be the most.

The aim is to highlight to buyers from all corners of world that what Croatia and Central Europe have to offer is worthy, this includes what is currently on offer, as well potential for the future, in which the diversity of natural beauty and resources plays a significant role. The fair aims to create new business opportunities through which service providers can generate new profits.

The upcoming project has already been joined by numerous local and international tourism companies and institutions such as the Croatian Tourist Board (HTZ), the Zagreb Tourist Board (TZGZ), Croatia Airlines, Turkish Airlines, the tourist boards of Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, numerous Croatian companies, and others.

"CETS Zagreb will cover various segments of the tourist offer from adventure, sport, business and cultural tourism, to golf, recreation, nautical, gastronomy and other sectors that are interesting to professional buyers from the world and the region,'' Buchanan noted, before adding that the fair is being organised by her company "Cent Euro Fairs SL", which has been headquartered in Spain for about 25 years.

Both Zagreb and Croatia on a wider scale have an attractive market, and Buchanan believes that CETS Zagreb will also contribute to increasing the number of foreign tourists in Croatia and this part of Europe.

"CETS Zagreb focuses on bringing a large number of foreign tourists to the region through the direct linking of key regional tourist entities to professionals from the most important foreign markets, especially to the rest of the world, such as the United States, Australia, Arab and Asian countries, and others. Despite the growth of tourism in Central Europe and the popularity of Croatia, they're still unaware of the individual countries of the region and their offer(s), which we're trying to change just by bringing customers from these markets, and other markets from around the world,'' Buchanan stated.

Why did the date change?

In order to make CETS Zagreb the absolute best, Buchanan pointed out that the original date, which was meant to be in December 2018, has recently been changed for May 2019, because December is the festive season, when business people are reducing their work intensity owing to Christmas, and Zagreb is already known as one of the best advent events in Central Europe and beyond, with many hotel rooms being booked well in advance.

"We believe that there will be more available rooms in the hotels in May, and spring offers opportunities for more sightseeing in both Zagreb and in its surroundings, as well as in other parts of Croatia, which are also in the CETS Zagreb program," Buchanan explained, adding that Zagreb's atmosphere captured her, and that now with the city's new airport and various new hotels set to open this year and next year, the Croatian capital has all the conditions for organising and hosting such a fair.