Slovenian State Secretary Supports Ljubljana Based Croatian Startup

Startup support from next door's political elite as one Croatian startup which found difficulties setting up at home sees more opportunity in Ljubljana.

The successor to blockchain demonstrated a more than impressive speed of 120,000 transactions per second.

As Bernard Ivezic/Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 2nd of July, 2018, the much talked about Croatian startup Tolar ( demonstrated that a massive 120,000 transactions can be done over the HashNET network in mere seconds in Zagreb on Thursday. For the sake of comparison, the VISA network can deal with up to 56,000 transactions per second, and Ethereum up to 20 transactions.

At the presentation of the Croatian startup, which has its seat in the Slovenian capital of Ljubljana owing to Slovenia's more favourable conditions for such projects, saw the Slovenian state secretary Tadej Slapnik pay a visit.

The state secretary stressed that, in his opinion, Tolar boasts great potential to meet some of the UN's seventeen goals for sustainable development.

"Tolar HashNET will enable us to achieve sustsainability in cities, responsible spending and production, climate change matters, industry, and the reduction of inequality," stated Slapnik, in clear praise of the commendable Croatian startup.

Josip Maričević, co-founder and technical director of Tolar, said that HashNET is designed to exceed the speed of 200,000 transactions per second.

"At the end of last year, we saw that with Bitcoin, people were waiting for a transaction for days, or they had to pay a rate of 40 dollars. CryptoKitties have literally brought the Ethereum network to its knees, and that's why we have a different approach with HashNET, a different consensus algorithm, all while keeping the best of blockchain,'' noted Maričević.

He added that in contrast to the competition, in addition to speed, they support open-source, they use minimal energy, and they're ready for cryptographic protection resistant to quantum computing.

Mario Vojvoda of Tolar, pointed out that it is all the more important to be positioned as the next generation of blockchain, Blockchain 4.0.

"Being the best crypto-currency isn't the point, being the best blockchain platform is," concluded Vojvoda.


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